Today eight of my piano students and two of Chelsea Daniel’s students performed in a virtual Soirée using Zoom.  It was very successful thanks to the wonderful performances and the hosting and management of my daughter Rose and her assistant Debbie.  The students and their pieces are lasted below.  There were 44 people registered as audience and because more than one person was often on the call, Rose estimates between 60-70 people were watching the concert.

It was the first time I have attempted to do a virtual concert and I am very excited about it.  I wish more students had been able to perform but this time was a bit of an experiment to see what is possible. I do have quite a few student performances on this website under the tab Student Performances as an attempt to let students share the pieces they are working on at the time.  However, I think having a special event when everyone performs for each other at a given time has a special feeling to it.

It was very special to share the event with Chelsea who was once my student, and who is now teaching after completing her degree at the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas in Austin.  Chelsea also played in the Soiree and you can listen to three of her performances under my student recital page, including Florence Price’s “Fantasie Negre”.

Wonderful work all performers!  Thank you to parents and supporters and to Rose and Debbie and also Sara who did the striking graphics for the invitation and program:


Iris Emerson   

“March” Jeremiah Clarke 1673-1707; “Clowns” op 39 n0 20 Dmitri Kabalevsky

Oscar McCormick

“Morning” from the Peer Gynt Suite music by Edvard Grieg arranged by Faber

Zoey Prendergast

“My Dog Spike” and her own composition!

Pascale Lodewick

“Gavotte” Telemann 1681-1767

Andrew Hartman

“Gypsy Camp”  Faber

Mateo Blissett-Saavedra


Quinn Barbaza

“Pirates of the Caribbean” Klaus Badelt arranged Jarrod Radnich

Lydia Pollak Coy

“Impertinence” Handel 1685-1759 HWV494:  “Crazy Comics” Christine Donkin b1976

Khaleel Jackson

“Solfeggietto” CPE Bach 1770;  “Für Elise” Beethoven 1770 – 1827

Kavisha Saram

“Atacama Desert” Wynn-Anne Rossi b 1956

Chelsea Daniel

“Fantasie Negre” Florence Price 1887 – 1953

Here are a few screen shots from the Zoom call:

Some of the attendees

Khaleel Jackson

Zoey Prendergast

Chelsea Daniel