I will be glad to “see” all my students starting tomorrow even if it still has to be online.  I cannot see in person lessons happening until at least summer.  I can now get the vaccine (being 75) if I can get an appointment!  But my partner cannot probably for months yet.

Please check the schedule on my website if you have forgotten your lesson day and time.

Fees: Most people will owe for 3 lessons ($97.50) except if you are not heaving a lesson on memorial day (1/18).  Just a reminder that fees are due the first lesson in the month, and thank you!  Zelle works well, Venmo if you do not have Zelle, or check in the letter box.  I have lost another mailed check so i am sorry to say the post is a bit unreliable.
If you are not having a lesson on Memorial day, can you let me know this coming week please.
I was glad to have a 3 week vacation after 2020 but it was really all about catching up stuff I had needed to do like the dental appointment  (my is a very nice man, Dr Pilon, and he did a great job on two adjoining crowns but dental work is never fun!).  I have today to do final things like get my poor car cleaned and work on my bird feeder.  Either the birds are ravenous or the squirrels have been getting some of the birdseed.  More axle grease on the pole!
The Spring semester is long and I will be taking a short break over Easter and will work that out closer to the time. I have an idea for student motivation.  I am going to group students in small relevant groups according to interest, age etc, and after I get myself a Zoom account, I will schedule small meetings where students can perform for each other in an informal way.  I loved the big concert with Rose before Christmas but it was a big undertaking and I cannot always have Rose as my Zoom expert. More information will be coming after this first week.  Students: can you be thinking about what you are going to play/sing next week and maybe what special items you might want to learn.
The sun is shining and the ground is drying out and the bulbs are pushing through so the world is looking alive.  Be safe and healthy.