I am back from my wonderful vacation in France and will attempt to put up a slide show on my blog with some technical help from carol!

I could highly recommend tiny villages in the South of France if you love wine, history, food, safety, rivers with lovely places to paddle and swim and kayak, very tall steep mountains for mountain biking (Carol not me) and walking (me), fabulous weekly markets with marvelous food, and churches.  However, do not go there for exciting events and shopping.  Nearest cinema was in Beziers, 1/2 hour + away.  Well, there is bull fighting but not for me.  there were not clothes shops but that saved me lots of money!  I loved it all and would go again any time!

I have a few students scheduled this week but Fall semester starts next week.  I know some people will not be able to come on Labor day and that is fine – just let me know.

Also if you can’t come the week of 8/25 also just let me know.

The Fall schedule is correct.  If you are not going to continue in Fall also let me know as I do have people waiting for times.

I will be glad to see my students soon!