It is a bit sad to see May arriving because it is usually the time when schools have lots of field trips and performances and graduations but none of that will be happening and I understand schools will mostly not be in session until September.  Durham has 3 weeks to go with the official shut in time but even after that social distancing and masks are going to be the order of the day.  I am not making definite plans for my studio but I will not be opening up for students and families to come here until at least June 1.  I will be following the news and the city guidelines and making decisions later in the month.  I would almost prefer continuing to teach online if having students here means wearing masks and constantly disinfecting surfaces.  I also have to consider Carol, my partner, and how she feels about me opening the studio and waiting room in our home.

In the mean time…

Next week I would like to ask all school age students to appear at lessons in their choice of a funny hat.  I will give 5 prizes of $10 gift certificates to Locopops for the funniest, most creative, prettiest, most handsome hats.  I will ask parents to send me a photograph of the prize winning hats which I will feature on my blog page.  I will also include in “hat” things like crowns and tiaras.  Lorna will also wear a hat but I am not creative with crafts so it will be one I already own, something to do with ancient PhD bonnet!  Let the hat parade start!

There will not be a Spring Soiree in 2020 sadly.  Instead I am putting up student performances on my website and if you have not looked at the Student Performances’ page please go and have a look and a listen.  There are quite a few up there but lots of students have yet to send me their videos!  I love all the videos up there!  Some may not be perfect but I can’t expect perfection when I can’t deliver that myself when I perform (can’t focus intently enough!).  Just go for it I say!  In terms of getting it to me, if the video is short either email or text will work but if too big you can send to it to me in drop box, or save it to a thumb drive and drop it in my mailbox and I will return the drive.

Ukuleles!  I need those videos of your parts in Spring and Era Una Vez.  So far I have two videos from Leo, and one from Huyen so am awaiting Lucas, Camille and Ave and one more form Huyen. I am not sure if this is going to work but I think it will.  It may not be perfect (see paragraph above).  Carol is going to put it all together for me in exchange for piano lessons!!

I should mention that on Friday May 15 I will be adjudicating all day for the Durham School of the Arts only this time it will be live on Zoom!  I have not yet worked on Zoom so it will be a first for me.  Lucky my resident Zoom expert is here for rescues if needed! There will not be lessons in that Friday but will try to move students to other days in that week.

Next week May fees will be due either check on the mail or mailbox or Zelle.  Monday through Thursday people will owe 4 weeks and Friday people 5 weeks.  Please check your email this week in case you under or over paid in April.  Always let me know if I have made a mistake!

Everyone be well and hopeful that you will see your friends soon!