It was such a wonderful evening with 22 performers (Ida could not play as she was not well) who all played remarkably well.  There were students aged from 6 to 16 – the 6 year olds could see what could be achieved by ages 15-20 so I hope they all keep working on piano.  It is a slow process but so worthwhile.  Many adults ask to come back to piano having played as students because they really miss having music they make themselves in their lives.

I will tell students my feedback in lessons and I have treats for everyone.

There are two weeks of lessons this week and next.  If you are not coming to any of these lessons please let me know because I can use the time for other students or for my own practice.  Fees are also due this week if you have not already settled up for December.  Lessons start next year Monday January 8 with a new fee structure of $38 for a 1/2 hour lesson.

Thank you again everyone who came to the Soirée – it is a really important part of my studio practice.  It motivates everyone to just do that extra work to polish pieces.  Some play from memory which is wonderful but I have seen experienced concert pianists play from music and in my latest Music Teachers National magazine there was an article about playing from memory or from the music.  The opinion was that either was fine depending on the pianist.  In my personal experience you are either a great memorizer or a great sight reader – I fall in the last category myself.  Some say that is because I did not do enough piano practice so I had to sight read in the lesson – I did my 6 hours a day so not sure if that is true!  I can memorize if I really work on it but it does not come naturally!