Perhaps we will all be glad to see 2021 fade into the distance!  It has been a difficult year but I have personally been blessed with mostly good health, friends, family and my wonderful students and their families.  I hope everyone has a peaceful thanksgiving with lots of the traditional turkey (I am having fish) and pie (I am having blueberry crumble) but I am making corn bread and oyster stuffing – is that traditional?

I have decided not to participate in the December DMTA playathon on December 4.  I am nervous about going to the crowded Christmas mall and even more afraid of the parking (only accidents I have ever had were at slow speed in car parks).  I think I will wait for the Spring playathon but I hope the teachers near Southpoint raise some great funds for the scholarships.

However there are some other possibilities for sharing music.

Thursday December 2,3,4,5 from 6:30 – 8:30 each night the Greystone church, where the playathon was held, is having a Celebration of Lights with live music. From 6:30 – 8:30 music students are welcome to come and play Christmas music (but other music also).  Teachers nominate a time to be there with their students.  I have nominated 7:30 – 8:00 on December 2 to meet students there and for us (including me) to play Christmas music.  I will be asking in lessons if there are people who are interested.  This is not raising money for anything just a chance to welcome Christmas and see our colleagues. The events are free although the food trucks are not!

Friday December 3 my young friend and music teaching colleague, Nyssa Collins, is holding an event at the her church, Yates Baptist church in Lakewood.  Here is her description:

“On the 3rd (from 6:30 – 7:30) I am hoping to have a group piano lesson – this is for any student, and it is so the students can play for each other. Parents can stay or drop kids off (as long as some parents stay), and the main audience would be other kids. This is meant to be an extra performance opportunity for students playing in recitals, or students who have never played in a recital and are nervous about it. Not sure yet how much “lesson” will be going on – it could be very fun for students to get tips from other students and teachers!  There can also be games!”

I will be there and I would love some students to come and play and hear other students play.  Again I will be talking to students in lessons.  

Sadly I am not sure we will be returning to Croasdaile Village for our Soirees any time soon for many reasons, the pandemic among some but also the condition of the pianos. It seems churches have good pianos which they keep in tune and both these baptist churches seem very welcoming. Suitable venues for concerts and get togethers was one subject on the agenda at the last DMTA meeting.  

The Fall semester ends on December 8 after which I hope my new studio windows will be put in which will make it so nice to look out on the backyard and check on the birds. Spring semester will begin on January 3. 

Happy Thanksgiving for next week 🦃