We have a great deal to be thankful for not the least electricity and warm homes, although I do acknowledge that for many people I know this has been a very trying and in some cases horrible year.  I send all my thoughts to those who have suffered and hope that thanksgiving is a sweet time and that the next year brings relief.

There will not be any lessons on Thursday or Friday this week (will be doing massive cooking each day!).  Lessons are regular today (Tuesday) and then tomorrow I think everyone knows their times.

Monday 11/27 regular lessons resume.

You can always look at the schedule – click on Fall Schedule.

There are various events coming up for Flourishing Muse studio:

December 1, friday night is the adult Salon where those over 21 (we drink adult beverages!) play for their peers the pieces they have been working on.  I will be sending out a program very soon.  I do encourage adults to come to this Salon because everyone needs a goal when you are learning an instrument.  You do not have to have your piece perfect – this is a work in progress evening. Any other adults like spouses and parents are very welcome – we all squash into my space!

December 9 – Saturday evening, the Durham Music Teachers Association are holding a playathon at Brightleaf Square and some of my students are playing at this all day event.  The Flourishing Muse time is 4:30 pm.  Please come and support our students and also the DMTA who are raising money so that less fortunate children can take music lessons.  Next Playathon would love to see even more of my students playing at the playathons!  People are not sitting watching, just passing by – not scary!

December 10 – Sunday afternoon – the Annual Flourishing Muse Soiree from 3-5 at Croasdaile Auditorium.  I will be sending out a tentative program next week.  Please make sure this is on your calendar!  All students are welcome to play.  The concert will start with ukuleles and guitars and then piano students.

One of my adult students sent me this article about memory.  Research shows that musicians develop strong er memories in certain categories.  It appears that there are many good reasons to learn a musical skill at any time in your life but especially when you are young!  BUT – never too late.