The Spring semester has ended without sadly, a soiree to show everyone, families, colleagues and Croasdaile residents, what you have spent the Spring learning in online music classes.  It has been a trying time for everyone and I am especially sorry for young students who have missed their friends; kind of shows what is important doesn’t it?

I have tried to let my students and families know what everyone has been practicing by the Student Performances page on my website and I am very grateful to my partner, Carol, who has enabled me to be able to do this.  I can mostly manage the videos and uploading myself with just occasional cries for help.  If you have not scrolled down the page and looked at the performances, please do and let young students look as well.  Comments and feedback always welcome.

I have contemplated a Zoom concert but the technical side was a bit scary so my youngest daughter, the event manager, has offered to host a zoom concert for some of my piano students on July 10.  Her teaching facility is willing to allow her to use their corporate account to do this, and one of her interns will also help.  This is what you can do with remote learning – my daughter Rose lives and works in the UK!  She has been teaching on Zoom most of this past semester.  If this one works well I will be able to do more concerts in Fall, given that I think remote learning will still be necessary until 2021.  I guess I will have to learn to do Zoom concerts myself – another steep learning curve!  You will be receiving invitations to the concert!

The date for the Zoom concert will be July 10 at 10 am – a morning tea concert.  I will send invitations to about 8 of my piano players – I wish it could be everyone but Rose says 8 would work well for a first time.  Everyone will be able to watch however including relatives who might live a long way away!  You can have your morning tea (snack, morning coffee…) as you watch! And this time just piano until we can solve sound issues for singers and string players.

Some students have finished music lessons until September 8 but a good number are continuing at least for part of the summer and I am glad otherwise I would miss them all too much!  Many of my adults are also continuing.  Which brings me to fees – a few are still owing for June and I would be most grateful if you could catch up what you owe in June; I will send individual emails.  Venmo and Zelle work well and checks now seem to be making it in the mail to my house.  If you mail a check please tell me you have done so, and then I can look out for it.

I will be teaching most of the summer except for the week June 26 – July 6 and the two weeks August 24-September 7.  Fall semester begins September 8.

Be safe and well over the summer and have lost of relaxing outdoor time (when it decides to stop raining).