Summer news 

I am leaving for London on Friday and am already missing my students.  You fill my life with music and all your stories about what you are up to!  I will be teaching again August 7 and look forward to see at least some of my students and then the rest after labor day in September.

I have sad news.  My calico cat Lexi passed away last Friday.  She was diabetic but in her last week she became very ill.  On Friday the scan showed she had Cushings Disease as well as cancer and other issues.  The vet called us and said come now to say goodbye.  It was very sad.  She was a gentle cat and she loved the children.  Even when she was not well if she heard kids’ voices she would come out to investigate.  Some of you were especially attached like Leo and Carina and I know there were more.  I never knew her to bite or scratch anyone. She just wanted lots of love especially as she became more ill. Requiescat in pace, Lexi-Puss.

On a happier note, congratulations to Quinn Barbaza who was awarded first class honors in his level 3 assessment with the Music Development Program.  These exams are not easy and this was his first time but he did really well!  The assessment involves not just piano playing but musicianship and theory of music as well.  I don’t think you can be a really good pianist without understanding music which means keys and scales and time signatures!

Chelsea Daniel, as some of you know, has been my intern for the past 4 weeks.  We did not pre-arrange this as we only had the brilliant idea when she came home for the summer from her music school.  However, we are hoping she can be given some credit for the work she has done for me.  Playing piano and teaching individual lessons can be lonely sometimes, so it was very special to have someone with me and to be able to talk about pedagogy with her.  Made it even more special seeing I taught her at Immaculata when she was tiny, and then taught her piano as she prepared to audition for the NCSA in Winston Salem.

Anyone who is interested in piano lessons with Chelsea over the summer here are her contact details:

Chelsea Daniel

107 West Trinity Ave

Durham NC 27701


Over the summer, try to fit in some practice even just playing around on the piano or ukulele or guitar – just so it it does not become a stranger to you by September!  The ideal would be 10 minutes 5 days a week or more if you love playing – I do!

See you after London!  I leave Friday 6/30 and come back 7/28 but then going to the beach – lucky me!