These are very difficult times for everyone.  I just want to tell you that my studio will remain open for teaching through April 4.  I am taking all precautions with sanitizing my equipment and studio and waiting room and bathroom.  I have my own hand sanitizer (60% alcohol and 40% water and drops of detergent) and sanitizing wipes.  Also I do think soap and water are terrific hand sanitizers and the bathroom is well equipped and I change the hand towels frequently, and will also provide paper towels there.  Students can use hand sanitizer or wash their hands in the bathroom.   They can also bring their own hand sanitizer.

I am so sorry it has come to this pass in America with this virus outbreak.  In all my long years I have never experienced a pandemic.  However, I am remaining positive.  We can all get through this together. I am not particularly worried for myself although I fall in the at risk category, but I am very healthy, and luckily my partner Carol works remotely most of the time and has little contact with other people. I rarely go out and am canceling any off campus activities.

I am setting up to teach remotely if necessary.  I will be teaching through face time as my colleagues have tested out various methods and face time seems to clearest audio and video.  I don’t really want to do this but if schools are closed kids will need home activities and music is so great for that and I can help through on-line teaching.  Teaching on-line presents certain difficulties not the least being a good internet connection and fast enough up and down load speeds.  Parents and students would need some device that can use face time. My usual fees will apply, and can be mailed to my address.

Please let me know any questions.  After April 4 I will have two weeks break and please God it will all be over by April 20 and we can resume normal lessons. 

WIth very best wishes for your health and the health of your families.