Spring Soirée and Summer Schedule:

It is getting very close to the Soirée, Sunday June 4.  it will be from 3-5 pm in the Auditorium at Croasdaile Village.  I will send directions closer to the time. I hope all students who are not playing will still come and support their colleagues.

This is the tentative program.  Can you all check and make sure about name spelling?  I will work on the item name and details, but make sure this is your selection.  Also tell me if I have left anyone out.  There are a couple of new students that might also perform. Have I included anyone who is not playing?  Some students have clashing dance and theater commitments, so i hope to include them in the December Soirée.

For new students, this is a very informal and relaxed event.  I will sit with the younger students.  Of course some nervousness is inevitable but there are ways to prepare yourself.  First you practice your item every day from now till the Soirée.  Play it for your friends and family, the dog, the cat, the neighbors, so you are used to playing it for other people.  Secondly, on the day of the performance make sure you warm up well and play/sing your piece through in the morning. Thirdly, you need to think about what you are saying to yourself as you are about to perform for people.  Do you privately expect to make a mistake or stop or be unable to play all the piece?  You have to turn this around to thoughts about how hard you have practiced, how well you know this piece, that you are a very good player/singer and you are going to enjoy sharing your gift with other people. Fourthly, once you start playing you need to focus on your music, no thoughts about what you are going to have for dinner or how good it will be when this is over.  It is called being in the present moment.  Try practicing being in the present moment when you play for other people (or animals!).

Soirée Program Spring 2017

First Half:

Ukulele Group (Sadie, Ramona, Lucas, Leo, Ava):  Era Una Vez, and Everybody

Leo and Ava Pieraccini: House of Gold

Leo, Ava and Mia Pieraccini: Take this hammer (with piano)

Sadie Whitney: Lava

Ramona Trefzger: My Bonnie lies over the Ocean, (Latin Time)

Lucas Bartosik: Bad Day

Emma Trefzger, and Kaitlyn Busch: City of Stars

Emma Trefzger: I’m beginning to see the Light

Kaitlyn Busch: Best Day

Second Half:

Johnny Campione: The Grand old Duke of York

William Painter: Firefly

Logan Fontaine: Mixed up Song

Louisa Levy: Prairie Song and Clouds

Paulo Martin: The Juggler, Haunted Mouse

Henry Lilly: I’m beginning to see the Light, duet

Tendo Mukelabai: Tchaikovsky’s theme

Mia Pieraccini: Sakura

Andrew Hartman: Amazing Grace

Jovany Alton-Kelly: Energico

Carina Feierman: Snowfall

Jesse Gavilan: Legend of Madrid

Kathleen Wilkinson: Bouree

Maddy Werner: Pachelbel’s canon

Quinn Barbaza: Summertime

(possible Chelsea Daniel?  Chloe Daniel?)

Michelle Nowlin: La Vie en Rose, L’hymne a L’Amour

Richard Palmer: If I loved you, Oh what a beautiful Morning

Summer lessons:

I am working on a summer schedule and would appreciate if those people who would like to continue in summer would let me know their dates and best times. Some have already done this.

I will be teaching a summer program from June 12-June 23, and then from August 7 to September 1.  Fall Semester will start Tuesday September 5, the day after labor day.

I can be fairly flexible in Summer but it will be helpful to know times so I can gets lots done on my compositions.