First Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers and I hope you kids are spoiling them today!
The Soirée on Friday evening was just wonderful as always.  I don’t want to single out individuals but there were so many great performances by students who were so focussed, so creative, so expressive, so brilliant, so technically secure that I was amazed!  Well done everyone!  Thank you so much to all the families who came with grandparents and family friends – I love that!.  I will talk to students at lessons and I want to ask them what they thought of their colleagues’ playing and the pieces they played.  It is so important that students see their colleagues and the progress they have all made.  I was impressed by how many played from memory!
At the Soirée I had some small gifts for students and many did not pick up their gifts so if you did not I will have one for you at lessons this week.
I love my granddaughter’s art work for the Soiree Program.  I told her I loved owls and flowers!
Thank you so much to those who contributed to the hiring fee at the Soirée.  It has so helped me and I have ended up I think only paying $10 of the $340, thank you thank you!  Trip to Germany looming.  This is a long awaited trip to the home of my PhD subject, Hildegard of Bingen.  Bingen is a town on the Rhine river.  I finished my PhD and graduated in 2004 so I really have to take this trip and visit the Hildegard Abbey in Bingen while still able to do so.  But don’t worry I am not planning to stop being active just yet!
I need some indication of who might take some summer lessons or who is taking all summer off till Labor day.  Longer this year because I am away most of June.  Knowing this I can plan music for the summer.
Thank you all so much for learning music with my studio, Flourishing Muse!
Here is a link to the program: