May news, the Soiree June 2 and summer lessons

The Spring semester is coming to a close and the Soiree is June 2 but there is another week of lessons after the soiree.  I would really like to see all students during the week of June 3-7 just to talk about the soiree and what they might play over summer if they are not taking summer lessons.

The Spring Semester ends June 7.

I am firming up the Soiree program this week and hope to have everyone decide what they are going to play.  Adult students have their own events in most cases so the Soiree will be shorter than has been in the past. I really encourage students to perform at the Soirees; it gives you a goal to work towards.  I was listening to an adult describe their feelings before, during and after a student piano recital.  This person said beforehand, they were apprehensive and during the recital they felt nervous, but after they felt very proud and pleased with themselves and so glad they were able to show family and friends what they had worked on.

Summer lessons:

I will be teaching in Summer for those students who want to continue.  The Summer schedule will run from Monday June 10 – Friday August 4 except for one week in June from Monday June 24 to Friday June 28.  I imagine many school students will be in camps or on vacation most of the summer but adults are very welcome to continue as are students who are not in camps all summer.  Please think about this and let me know your dates.  I may try to keep lessons on 3 days each week so I have two for my various neglected projects.

Fall Semester will begin Tuesday September 3 and end Friday December 20.

Adults:  The adult work-in-progress will be Friday June 7 at 7:30 at my house.  Please let me know whether you are coming and whether you will sing/play, and you are very welcome to come and support your colleagues even if you feel you cannot perform.

Happy Spring to everyone!