I have some new students so please forgive me if I repeat some things from pervious emails.  I hope everyone is having a great start (if freezing cold) to 2018 and you are all excited by the slight possibility of SNOW!!❄⛄

(This emoji thing is catching!)

The schedule is fairly set now and you can see it on my blog www.fsmstaging.net under Spring Schedule 2018.  Please let me know any errors of glitches or changes – the hours between 4-7 are very tight.

I hate to ask but I would really like everyone to fill in fresh forms.  Cell numbers and sometimes addresses and emails change and I keep both paper records and all your details in my phone.  I have redesigned the form a little and the critical pieces of information are your cell numbers.  Parents, can you tell me which parent has which cell number please.  Emails: I prefer gmail because that makes it easy on evernote but happy to use other emails however please give me a clear indication of whose email it is.  Students who have email and who USE it, I would like yours also and your phone if you can text (is that a silly question in 2018?) The form and my conditions are attached.  Please bring the form filled in to your first lesson. It would be handy also to have school and grade as well as birthday (School students only – adults do not have to ‘fess up).

The Spring Soiree will be Sunday June 3 from 3-5 pm BUT may not be able to be at Croasdaile owing to extensions.  I will firm up a venue later in the semester.

I have some new ukulele students and I will email ukulele parents separately about what my plans are this semester, and what books they might need.

Adult students will be having a work-in-progress evening in February, otherwise known as the Flourishing Muse Salon.  Sadly cannot invite everyone as it is usually at my house.  Very fun night to see everyone play for each other.

Emails:  After every lesson I send an email to every student or parent, as is appropriate.  For beginners I will try to make it more detailed but generally the email is a reminder of what I would like the student to focus on during the week leading up to the next lesson. For school students it is important that they have access to this email.  It contains what we did the previous week, what to do this week and and record of payments and dates for following lessons.  There seem to be two problems.  Older students tell me they don’t check emails. The problem is I cannot text from evernote.  I can share the screen if the receiver has the free version of evernote on phone or ipad.  Let me know if someone wants me to do that;  then I do not need to send emails because you could see them in real time as I write them each week.  Can all older students also read this email please?

For younger students the most successful way seems to be for parents to print out the Today: segment of the email and put it where the student can see it, perhaps in their binder.  I know this is extra work but I do think it helps the student to do focussed practice. over grade 5 perhaps the student can hand copy the practice items for themselves – good writing practice.  I can barely hand write anything legible these days!

Practice:  It is my problem as well.  The only solution is to make a time and put it on your noticeboard and stick to it (note to self – do that this afternoon).  Even 10 minutes is so much better than none.  Beginners even 5 minutes a day makes progress.  Parents of grades 1-3 please be involved in practice in some way.  Sit with the student, or listen and give encouraging feedback – makes a huge difference.

Last thing – the Spring semester goes from January 8 to June 9 but I will be taking a Spring Break over easter from March 26 to April 6.  this cooincides with Holy Week and the DPS regular timetable Spring break.

Thanks everyone and Happy Start to the Year of 2018.