The Spring semester for Flourishing Muse studio ended last week on Friday 6/17/16.  It was a long semester but I am always so grateful to students and parents for coming to music lessons and allowing me to earn my living in such a wonderful way, doing something I love.  Thank you all!

The Soirée was wonderful as always.  Without so many adults and senior students I thought it might be smaller and I only printed 30 programs!  There were so many more people than that there with families and friends and Croasdaile residents.  Will print more next time!  Thank you as always to Croasdaile for sponsoring my studio concerts – and thank you to Denise Waters, Reverend, sound technician, videographer, lighting expert as well as Life Enrichment Director at Croasdaile.

There were too many special performances to mention and I would hate to leave anyone out so I am just going to say that the standard was even higher than in previous year from every single student, in individual performances and in groups.  Well done everyone!  I have written to most performers individually.  Here is the Soirée program which features my granddaughter’s artwork.

There will not be a December Soirée this year as I am going to Australia 4-30 December to be with my granddaughters.  I am kind of sorry I decided that because the Soirées always make me feel like I understand why I teach.  Sharing music is so wonderful and uplifting every time. However there WILL be a BIG soiree June 2017!

Summer schedule:

I have a shorter schedule for summer, just click on “Summer Schedule” to see who is coming when.  I am not teaching Mondays and Fridays so i can work on my writing course which is delivered on-line from the University of Western Australia.  My daughter is doing the same course with me along with what seems a large number of international students.  I do think about “the novel” I am always going to write but this course is hard and involves daily writing.

I will send out reminders about lessons because I know summer does not have the same routine as regular term time.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer, and comes back renewed and ready for more music.  If you are going to continue in Fall please let me know as soon as you can.  I have the usual waiting list and I have started some people in summer and I know they hope to find a place in Fall.  I am leaving the summer schedule up so you can remind yourselves of when you did come in Spring.  I will not give away Spring places until I hear from you.