Spring Break is here!

I am looking forward to taking a break over the next days and I hope you will all either have had a spring break or can have one over Easter and the next week.  Last lessons will be Wednesday 4/12/17 and then we will start again Monday 4/24/17.  I know I am not the best at numbers but I think that is right.  I am looking forward to working on my novel and my compositions but I will also miss the students – it feels very strange to just be working on my own, but it needs to happen!

I am really very happy with the progress almost all my students are making and I have just had a good look at my records and it is certainly the case that students who come regularly to their lessons are making the most progress.  Of course, in between each lesson, practice makes a huge difference but without the weekly goal of coming to lessons it takes determination of steel to keep up practice and progress.  The great majority of my 40 students come regularly and are making really solid progress.  It will become very evident at the Soiree in June.

However there is another factor.  Flourishing Muse LLC is my only source of income and I run it like the business that it is.  My income is dependent on students coming regularly to lessons.  Most of you understand that and are really wonderful at supporting my business.  I think I am understanding about unavoidable absences for family, illness, vacations and so on.  If you can give me 24 hours notice or longer I can almost always fill the time with makeup lessons and extra time for a student who needs it. If it is a sudden illness I think I am pretty understanding then too.  However, when you call or text just before the lesson it is too late for me to make other arrangements.  Unless there is a burning reasons like an accident, it is also not very considerate to let me know so late. I would also like to point out again that I bill monthly, mainly so there is more flexibility for us all, but I have to say most of my colleagues bill by the semester  and if you miss lessons there is no refund, only possible makeup times.

I realize that some students find they have other interests that take over from music, and that is perfectly understandable.  Change is inevitable.  If you or your student is finding sport is too important and there is no time for regular lessons or practice, then let me know and I will perfectly understand.  You can always come back in later years like Ashley has done.  However, I cannot hold sought after 4-7 pm weekday times for students who are not coming regularly.  I have beginners and others who are waiting to start lessons.  I realize that my best times for teaching is when the school students are from grade 1 – 8.  Once high school arrives it becomes much harder to fit in music and you have to be very determined to do that.

Now for some forward planning!

The Spring semester will end on 6/9/17, the week after the Soiree.  If you are going on holidays early please give me notice so I can plan to use that time. 

The Soiree is on Sunday June 4 from 3-5 pm at Croasdaile Village Auditorium.  I love these Soirees!  Other colleagues rely on festivals and other events to give students opportunities to perform but I love to see the students share their music with friends and family and the Croasdaile residents, many of whom come to the Soirees and tell me they love seeing all the students.  We have a relaxed and informal atmosphere, with as little pressure as possible and maximum relaxed enjoyment!

I will be teaching part of the summer on a summer schedule.  The dates will be 6/12/17 to 6/23/17 just the two weeks before I depart of London to spend time with my daughter’s family.  Then the summer schedule will resume 8/7/17 – 9/1/17.  Let me know if you are interested in summer lessons.

Fall semester will be from 9/5 to 12/20.  The Fall Soiree will probably be 12/10/17 if I can secure the Auditorium that day.

DMTA Playathon This is a fund raising event for the DMTA to provide scholarships for less fortunate students.  It was a fun event on Saturday 4/8/17 at Northgate Mall.  I really hope that students will consider playing at the next one which will be in October.  Northgate Mall is a great venue but sad that Macy’s left and the Mall is less frequented.  We may be having a change of venue.

Ukuleles and Guitars!  I am planning a get together to prepare for the Soiree.  Could everyone see if Tuesday 5/30/17 from 7-8  at my house will work for them?  Just ukulele and guitar players.  We are going to try some group items.

Adults! Would love to have another salon in June.  Can you see if Friday June 9 from 7-9 would work possibly at my place or Jerry’s if he is well enough. We had an evening on Friday 4/7/17 and 6 students played the pieces they are currently working on including a Mozart sonatina and the Brahms second Rhapsody.

See you all starting on 4/24/17