On Wednesday I went to look at the Sanctuary at ERUUF (Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship) and I am so excited.  The Sanctuary is perfect: lovely grand piano, tiered seating, plenty of space both high ceilings and we are able to spread out in the seating.

It will be my first Soirée since December 2019.  I call my student recitals Soirée because a Soirée is a late afternoon time when friends get together and play to entertain friends and family.  My Soirées are relaxed environments where everyone can share their music with each other. No-one needs to be apprehensive and I sit at the piano with the youngest ones.  Mistakes and start-agains are allowed!
The Soirée will be on December 2 starting at 5 pm and ending around 6 pm or shortly after.  The venue will be the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (ERUUF), 4907 Garrett Rd, Durham NC 27707.  It is a big campus and there is ample parking once you turn into the driveway.  There are clear signs to The Sanctuary.
The most important thing right now is to reserve that date and time and for students to start to decide on what they are going to play.  Most will play 2 items unless one of the advanced students has a long piece. You need to decide now because you need to know a piece 110% to play it in front of others where there might be distractions.
You could start planning what you are going to wear.  Does not need to be formal wear but will need to be warm and neat.  You can do formal if you want to!
Parents will be able to video from their seat and because of tiered seating it will be much easier; you cannot video another student unless their parent has agreed.
The Soirées are so important for my studio practice.  It has been such a motivating force for students and such a pleasure to all the families to meet each other and for the kids to see and hear each other.  For example I have 6 10 year olds who have never met each other.  The pandemic almost did us in but we are back and I want this soirée to be a celebration.
I look forward to you all being able to come.  If a student really cannot play in front of others, I hope they will still come and support their colleagues.