The Fall has started well with students getting right into new repertoire. There are also several new piano students who are as keen as mustard (is that advertising for Keen’s Mustard?).

There are going to be a lot of dates in this newsletter so remember newsletters are also on line in my blog if you need to refer to them later.


The December Flourishing Muse holiday Soiree will be on Sunday December 8, at 3 pm in the usual place, Croasdaile Village Auditorium.  Please put this in your diary now and let me know any clashes.  I cannot choose another date because Croasdaile hosts many such events and I have to get in early and choose my date.  Students should already be thinking about their Soiree performance pieces because the piece should not be something you choose in November – by October 1 you should have a fair idea about what you are going to share with your family and friends.


The Durham Music Teachers Association (DMTA) organizes opportunities for students to perform each year.  The events are fund raisers for their scholarships for students who are finding it hard to pay for music lessons.  I am happy to tell you that two of my students received scholarships this year.  I would really love students to perform at one of the playathons and I will talk about it in lessons.  Duets would be very popular.  The performers can be from beginners up to advanced.  The playathons last all day but each teacher has thier own 1/2 hour timeei

The 2019 Playathons are:

Saturday October 26, from 2:30 – 3 (for my students) at Brightleaf Square in the auditorium next to El Rodeo.  Each student contributes $5.

Saturday December 7 at bright Leaf Square, time to be announced but probably afternoon.  (This one is before the Soiree I know but would be a great warm up!)

I will make a list for the October playathon in lessons.  Performers can play piano, ukulele or could sing and/or play.

Master Classes:

In 2020 the DMTA will be holding voice master classes.  I have a couple of voice students whom I will invite to participate.  I understand that there will be separate master classes for classical repertoire and one for theater and a new category – CCM.  This acronym stands for Contemporary Commercial Music.  It is not an area where I feel I have much expertise but there are now universities which are offering courses in CCM, for example the Department of Voice at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute at Shenandoah University. Dates for the DMTA Master classes will be announced soon.

DMTA Recitals:

The DMTA also holds student recitals at Croasdaile but typically I do not submit students for these.  However I am the Chair for the Adult Recital which will be Saturday March 21, from 305 pm followed by a reception with nice nibbles and adult beverages.  (Adult students:  I will also be holding an Adult Salon at my home sometime before thanksgiving, date TBA)


I heard rumors that Halloween might be celebrated on the nearest Saturday and helpful though that sounds to me, it is probably not going to happen.  Thursday 10/31/19 students will need to decide if they want to come to lessons that day.  I usually stop at 6 pm on Halloween because I am then inundated with trick or treaters.  I can also accommodate students on another day if you let me know early.


Thanks to all for prompt payment of fees.  Monday students I have to apologize – I assumed that there were 4 Mondays in September but there are 5.  You know what they say about assuming and yes, I feel like a donkey!  Just a heads up that Monday students will need to pay for September 30 plus 4 lessons in October!


The Fall Schedule is correct on my blog and you might notice there are a few spare spaces.  I am not anxious to fill them but I have offered one to the person on the top of on my waiting list.  They have not got back to me yet so not sure if they are still interested. Just so you know!

Let’s hope for rain and a sweet cool Fall!