Hello everyone, I really need to know who is continuing and who might not be and who needs a different time.  The Fall schedule is up to date  so please check your name there.  I have 3 families waiting for times so it is urgent that I sort the schedule this week. Thanks.  I know it is hard with school just starting for most people.  If I hear nothing I will assume you are continuing at the same time.

Reminder: no lessons Monday 9/4 labor day – I was going to teach some lessons but I am now going to be away that day.  Fall lessons start on Tuesday 9/5.  Monday students will start Fall on 9/11.
About Fall semester:
My eldest daughter Meredith, her husband Mark and my two granddaughters Lakota (15) and Myla (11) are coming to visit this Fall.  My daughter has visited before but my granddaughters have never been here or seen where I live so I have to take the two weeks off teaching from 10/2 to 10/12.  We are meeting them in NYC for the first week and then they will be here for such a short time 🙁 but better than nothing!  So I am sorry to miss students for two weeks in this short semester but I will give everyone plenty to go on with.
Holiday Soirée:  now on December 8 at ERUUF from 5:30 – 6:45 pm.  PLEASE put this in your calendars now!  thanks.  Want everyone to have the opportunity to play in this lovely venue!
I am loving the cooler weather and the clouds and the rain – hope you are too.