In 2008, Teresa Berger and I published a CD-ROM called Ocean Psalms.  Sadly the technology used is not longer viable and the website has been taken down and the CD-ROM will not load.  It was a lovely piece of work bu 4 women and I am sad that it cannot be viewed as we intended.

Ocean Psalms was an interactive CD-Rom presenting meditations, music, prayers, songs, photography, psalms and art, all focused on the sea. In multimedia form, Ocean Psalms invited people into the both ancient and ever-new world of “ocean depths” as a way of deepening the life of the spirit. At a point in time when the environmental assault on the world ocean has become life-threatening, Ocean Psalms witnessed to the primal bond between ecological and religious commitments. This witness focused on highlighting possibilities of contemplative engagement with the “depths of the sea”.

“Psalm 2300: Holy Wisdom is my Ocean” appeared in “Dawn”, the first of four sections in Ocean Psalms.  The verses were Teresa’s response to Psalm 23.  The beginning of the antiphon came from a scribbled note on the margins of a ninth century MSS, and I finished the rest of the antiphon text.  The antiphon is a simple melody set for SATB and piano and Teresa’s verses are set to a chant based on psalm tone 8.

Psalm 2300 Antiphon

Psalm 2300 Verses