Welcome to Fall (even though it definitely doesn’t feel like it!)  If you are a Monday student, unless you have made special arrangements with me, your Fall will start 9/13.  Everyone else will start Tuesday 9/7. Will put details below of the extra ones I am fitting in on Tuesday 9/7.

I think I have finalized the schedule now and you can see it on my website under schedule.  Please go and double check. I have sadly had to say a few no’s and even so am now at 31 students which is a bit more than I intended but I do love all of you!  I have kept Friday free because I am determined to finish some of my composition arrangements.

Reminder re fees:  I am raising my fees to $35 for a 1/2 hour lesson ($70 for an hour) but am still offering a 10% discount for families with two or more learning and I think I have 3 families now in that situation – love that!  Fees are due on the first lesson of the month and it is so helpful if people do that and I don’t have to chase you up!  The fall dates will be on my website but anyone who wants to pay ahead just let me know and I will send you the dates.  The only holidays I will be observing are the two days of thanksgiving 11/25 and 11/26 and the last lesson in December will be 12/9.  Spring semester will begin 1/3/22.  I can accept Venmo, Zelle, and check or cash.

Please take a moment to think about whether you have changed address, changed cell phone numbers, or changed your emergency contact in the last year.  I need updated information; I rarely have to use it but it is critical when I do need it.  Main thing is your cell phone numbers, parents and students, so I can text if necessary.

Right now I still have 7 students who remain online.  3 are distant, but another 4 have requested virtual for various reasons.  I am able to accommodate this because I was set up for virtual lessons since last March; however, in person is preferable if possible, especially for the younger students.  I am vaccinated and will get the booster in November, but will wear a mask to teach if requested.  Carol is also vaccinated. Students who are not vaccinated need to wear their masks (sadly).  If a student or parent has to quarantine please let me know and lessons can revert to virtual for the quarantine period.

A few reminders: Please don’t park in my driveway – with Covid, Carol has sometimes had to work from home so needs to have her driveway space vacant.  Please bring water bottles to your lesson but no food.  If you are coming from school and you need a snack you can eat it on the deck where the birds will eat the crumbs! Of course you can use the bathroom and I will put kitchen towels in there but please respect all the various bottles lying around, ie don’t touch them (we use a lot!) There is hand soap always.

End of year concerts:  I will be holding an in person Soirée (what I call my Sunday late afternoon concerts) probably after thanksgiving, and I will be sending out details very soon.  Possible date 11/28/21.

Tuesday 9/7 extra people: Mary Russell 9:30 am; Susan 10 am; Kavisha 7 pm

I hope everyone is well, and students have started school well and in person and can stay in person.  I am excited to get back with all my students!