A number of students performed at the Durham Music Teachers Association Playathon on Saturday October 26.  All were terrific and friends and family and other audience members really enjoyed listening to them.  Here is the program:

Annabel Haynes: Deck the Halls (solo), Jingle Bells (duet with her mother Erin Van Scoyoc)

Oscar McCormick: Boxcar, Jumping Jazzy Cat, (all from memory) (I think Oscar played more pieces – great performer!)

Khaleel Jackson: Für Elise (main theme), In the Hall of the Jazz Kings (very well played)

Mia Pieraccini: Superheroes (Script) (Mia accompanied herself singing – very challenging and she did so well)

Ave Pieraccini: Us (James Bay) (Ava accompanied her singing on Ukulele)

Lucas Bartosik: The Sounds of Silence (Paul Simon) (Lucas also accompanied his singing on ukulele)

All students performed to a very high standard.  I hope they are all going to perform again at the Soireè on Sunday December 8.

The playathon raises money to provide scholarships for students who otherwise could not afford to take music lessons. It is wonderful to see students who are able to take music lessons support those who find it hard.  Well done!

I did take some still photos.  I am not easy about video in a public performance and I am not a great videographer so has to be stills

Annabel and her mother Erin Van Scoyoc

Annabel and her mother Erin Van Scoyoc

Oscar McCormick

Khaleel Jackson

Mia Pieraccini

Ava Pieraccini

Lucas Bartosik