Spring Soiree 2018 – Best ever!

Thanks to all students and parents and friends, it was a great soiree, and I hope everyone feels very proud of themselves.  A wonderful bunch of musicians.  Too many good things to enumerate here but hope to see all students in lessons this week, as it is my last week teaching until end of July.  Lessons recommence Monday July 30 when you can come.  I understand people are on holidays intermittently and also at camps.

I see such improvement between Soirees which is why I hold them.  I know you all appreciate the wonderful facility at Croasdaile.  They allow me to use it without cost although I go and play there when Rev.Denise Waters needs me. Thank you to Croasdaile and the residents who come to the concerts.
If anyone has a good video they could share with me I would love to post some on my website.  Send me a link if you have that facility or put the MP4 on Drop box for me and I can put it in vimeo on a private link.
Remember that the wonderful Chelsea is available for lessons while I am away in later June and July.  She played “Troubled Waters” so sensitively and of course with fabulous technique.
Here are her details:
Summer lesson opportunity

My ex-student Chelsea Daniel will be available for lessons again this summer especially while I am away for 6 weeks from June 8 to end of July.  She has taught some of my students in previous years and she has also recently given me some help with my playing to good effect (I hope!).  This is a wonderful opportunity to catch Chelsea before she travels overseas or gets on the concert tour.  Chelsea is entering her third year at the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas in Austin.  Chelsea has a particular interest in woman composers especially those from the African American and Hispanic community, a much neglected group musically speaking but she is going to remedy that!  She is also composing herself so far in a modern jazz idiom.

Her phone: 919-667-8214

Email: Chels1207@gmail.com

Spring Soiree 2018 is getting close!

The Spring Soiree is getting close – Sunday June 3 at Croasdaile Village auditorium from 3-5 pm
Below is the tentative program.  Some blanks need to be filled in this week and please check your name is there.  I will use full names and full names of performance items in the real program of course:
Program Spring Soiree 2018


  • You are my Sunshine (all)
  • This little light (all)
  • This land is your land (all)
  • Safari (Hazel, Camille, and Ella)
  • On a Mountain High Top (Leo and Ava, Ian, Lucas)
  • Wild Mountain Thyme (Lucas)
  • ?  (Leo and/or Ava?)
  • March (Sadie and Lorna)
  • Elenke (Sadie and Lorna)


I’m on Fire (Kaitlyn)


  • Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues (Mary-Russell and Lorna)
  • Russian Waltz or Water is Wide (Mary-Russell and Lorna)
  • Camptown Races (Madeline and Mai)
  • Eine Leine Nachtmusik (Madeline and Mai)
  • Sun Flowers in Spring (Lillie and Cynthia)


  • Madeline – Classic Dance
  • Mai – Dancing Sea Horses
  • Oscar – 
  • Louisa – 
  • Lillie – Canoe song
  • Stella – Ode to Joy
  • Iris – haiku and Mixed up song
  • Khaleel – Firefly
  • Logan – Ode to joy
  • Andrew – Sea Chanty
  • Liam – Marche Slav 
  • Mia – Energico
  • Jesse – Gypsy and Swing low
  • Quinn – Fantasia and Monk


  • Lucas and Mia – A Million Dreams
  • Oscar? Quinn?
  • Michelle – Never enough
  • Richard – Non piu Andrai
I will need to have a ukulele rehearsal and hope everyone can come Saturday June 2 at my place (I know it is small, but parents maybe you could do some retail therapy or go for a walk?) from say 3:30 – 3:45 pm. (that would be all 8 ukulele students)
I also need to have a rehearsal with Lucas and Mia for A Million Dreams and that would be same day after the ukuleles 3-3:30.
The Soiree is a relaxed concert.  Starting again if you make a bad start in fine. Feeling nervous is normal but you have to remind yourself that everyone there is not there to criticize but to support.  Once you sit down to play, think about your music.  Do not let thoughts like “I’ll be glad when this is over”, “what will I have for dinner?”, “what will everyone think?” take over from thinking about the music you are playing right then.  I have to do the same thing myself so I know it is hard but also possible.  You have to get what we sometimes call “The Monkey Brain” to be quiet (you know how monkeys can chatter on).
I really like affirmations like “I am a really good piano player and I know my piece well”  especially of you write them down and put them some where you can’t help reading them all the time.
Let me know any questions, changes, anything else this week.

May and June news

The Spring Soirée 2018 is approaching very quickly. It will be held on June 3 at Croasdaile auditorium at Croasdaile Village from 3-5 pm. I call my twice yearly concerts Soirées which is not technically quite correct in the afternoon, but it is such a nice word! Here is the definition: an evening party or social gathering, especially one held for a particular purpose, e.g. a musical Soirée.

The clearest directions to Croasdaile Village are on their website. Once you get to the main entrance, register at the desk and ask the way to the Auditorium.

Website for directions: http://www.croasdailevillage.com/cvhowtofindus.html

I would like to invite all students and friends and family to come to the Soirée. It is a lot of work but I arrange it because I think it is the friendliest way to share musical gifts in a supportive atmosphere (there is no charge for the Soirée). Many students find competitions very nerve racking. One has to enter competitions sometimes if you aim to be a performer professionally, and some very confident people are excited by the process. Most of my students find performing at the lovely auditorium at Croasdaile for family and friends and residents much more relaxing. The residents at Croasdaile love to come and hear especially the young ones perform. (One of my singers even has a fan club there!)

I invite my new students to come to their first Soirée so they can see what happens and how their colleagues play. If there are new students who feel they would like to perform at this Soirée, you would be very welcome. I also invite my adult students to come and support the students who are performing. My adult students have opted to have their own evening for more work-in-progress sharing (May 25 is the next FM Salon), but I would still love them to come to the Soirée if they can and are so minded.

The Soirée program: All students should be considering what they would like to perform at the Soiree. I am talking to students in lessons this week and subsequently about their items. Some things I have already chosen:

The 8 ukuleles will play and sing 3 items together: This Little Light arrangement, You are my sunshine, and This land is your land. More advanced ukulele students will play individually or in small groups as arranged in lessons.

If you have seen the musical The Greatest Showman, you will be excited to know that there will be two songs featured from that musical, A Millions Dreams (Mia and Lucas) and Never Enough (Michelle, an adult student).

There will also be a duet section this year! I love playing duets and teaching students to play duets.

The Spring Semester 2018 is fast coming to a close. The last lessons will be from Monday June 4 to Friday June 8. I will be leaving for London and Australia June 13 and returning July 24. Lessons will resume Monday July 30 and I will be teaching all August except for the last week (8/27-8/31), and then Fall Semester starts after labor day (9/3) . Some people have already let me know they want lessons in August – same times are fine.

I know that at least one student is not continuing sadly – she is done with school and is off to University. If anyone is not continuing or needs time changes please start letting me know and I will try to accommodate. I have some new students waiting to start in Fall.

I know that all kinds of things interrupt lessons: injuries, illness, school commitments and snow days but I just want to remind everyone that my studio policy is for students to attend a weekly lesson with as great regularity as possible. This ensues satisfactory progress for the student and also gives me some continuity of income. Teaching lessons is my only source of income. I love that I can earn my living this way, from my beautiful home and garden which I love to share with my students. (Can I just remind everyone that the grass at the back is still out of bounds – we are still trying to get it to grow so if you need to run, go around the big tree!) I am pretty flexible and I generally excuse students and put payments forward although my policy is to charge for the lesson if I don’t get 24 hours notice so I can reschedule makeup lessons. I fear I have not been very strict about that!

I am sorry I will be away so long over summer but I have to spend time with my grandchildren and daughters and even once every 18 months seems so little.

Fees: It would be really helpful if people could pay fees for the remaining weeks of the semester. Your email has the details but unless you have some payments moved forward, this is what you will owe:

Monday people 5 lessons
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday people 6 lessons

Thanks so much always for learning music with the Flourishing Muse Studio!

Lovely Event Saturday 4/21/18

I really enjoyed seeing the students perform at the DMTA Playathon Saturday, and I know some were nervous and it was a pretty big space but I hope parents and students enjoyed themselves. I know the day-long event raised a tidy sum for the DMTA Scholarship Fund. Thanks to all the students who braved their nerves and helped us raise money for other students to learn music.

Thanks to Ashley Pieraccini, I have put up some videos on my website www.flourishingmuse.net. under the video tab. Ashley did an amazing job and videoing is not a simple task – Carol is a documentary maker so I have seen first hand how hard it is to steady the camera. Thanks Ashley. And thanks to Carol who has to train me on putting up videos from Vimeo onto my website. This was her third attempt to train me and I think I finally get it!

I did not put up every video or I would not being getting to my lessons preparation so I apologize to the ones not up there but they are on my camera and I can show you in lessons if you like.

Also I recorded Jesse playing Gypsy in his lesson, which is the piece he would have played at the playathon except for a baseball game.

Students could watch their videos and talk to me about what they might like to work on before the Soiree June 3. Hint: Some singers could open their mouths wider! That is part of how you project your voice. Piano players – take note of the youngest ones – fearless! How can we older ones get to have that attitude? If we all work it out we could write the book!

Thanks everyone see you at lessons this week.


April Playathon 2018

Tomorrow (Saturday 4/21/18) is the Durham Music Teachers Association (DMTA) Playathon at Northgate Mall, just outside the indoor entrance to the old Macy’s store.  My section is from 2-2:45 pm.
Please try to stay all through the session if you can – I know several people have to go on to other events and that is fine.
Remember to bring a $5 contribution for each player to add to the amount we are raising for scholarships for students who cannot afford music lessons. If you know of someone in this situation, who wants to learn piano, I am always interested to apply for the scholarship.  The parent(s) do have to supply tax return(s) as prove of income to the DMTA committee but I can fill in the application.  One of my advanced piano students was a recipient of the scholarship for 3 semesters.
Parking is easy at Northgate Mall and you can always eat ice cream while there and support the businesses in Northgate.
Here is my tentative program.  Sadly Quinn had to drop out as he had an injury, and several others had prior commitments to a Cinderella rehearsal and tickets to the Sound of Music.  There will be another opportunity at my Soiree June 3.

Lillie: Half time show

Mary Russell and Lorna: Winsboro Cotton Mill Blues

Mary Russell: Fur Elise

Sadie and Lorna: Elenke

Ella:  Rocky Mountain

Madeleine and Mia: camptown racetrack duet

Madeline: Classic dance

Mai: The Haunted Mouse

Mia: All Through the Night voice with Lorna accompaniment, and Energico solo

Leo and Ava: Let it be

Logan: Ode to Joy

Stella: Ode to joy

Andrew: Sea Chanty

Lucas: Stay with me

(Possibly Jesse playing “Gypsy”)

Illiria: Diabelli “Bagatelle;” Kathleen Massoud’s “Castle Days;” “Flamenco Dancers.”

Looking forward to tomorrow!
And lastly I do apologize for some tardiness with emails and a general malaise which has caused me to not be quite on my mark.  I have had months of dental issues but finally yesterday they got my news crowns in (after 2 botched attempts!) and touch wood they feel OK and I am so relieved.  Looking forward to not seeing my dentist till next year!

April showers bring the flowers!

They certainly have – I have a garden again although lots more work needs to be done!

We have 2 more months of lessons before the summer semester begins and I will put dates below and ideas for taking lessons in summer.

The Playathon:  Students are invited to perform on Saturday April 21, from 2-2:45 pm at Northgate Mall, and we will be situated right next to the old Macy’s store front inside of course. There will be a grand piano and chairs for the ukulele players.  Singers, there will not be a microphone so you need to be ready to sing out – not shouting just good projecting.  I would like students to come for the whole 3/4 hour time unless there is something imperative that you need to attend in which case please talk to me about it.  If necessary students could go first or last.  Each student performing needs to contribute $5 to the scholarship fund and you can either give that to me and I will write the DMTA a check or you can put your $5 in the box at the playathon.  The money we raise goes towards scholarships for students who cannot afford music tuition.

Thanks so much to all the willing playathon participants so far.

Adult work-in-progress night, otherwise known as the Flourishing Muse Salon, will be held at my place on Friday May 25 from 7:30 – 9 pm.  Adults please consider performing or even just attending to support your colleagues.  We have very nice evenings with adult beverages!

The Spring Soirée:  it is now coming up very soon.  All students should be thinking about what they are going to perform.  Talks to me about it soon!  The Spring Soirée will be held on Sunday June 3 from 3-5 pm at Croasdaile auditorium as usual.  More detailed information will be given closer to the event.

Spring Semester ends on Friday June 8. I will be leaving for London shortly after this date and will return July 23.  Summer lessons will commence Monday July 30 for those who are available and want to continue.  I do encourage students to return to lessons then if they can – I am sorry I will be away so long but this is the price I pay living in America so far from my daughters, who themselves are spread out all over the globe! 

Summer Lessons:  I will be teaching a summer schedule from Monday July 30 to Friday August 24.  I will be talking to everyone about lessons times and dates.

Fall Semester 2018:  Hard to contemplate when we barely have Spring yet but I wanted to let you know that Fall Semester begins on Tuesday September 4, the day after labor day.

One last item.  For many years I have taught guitar as well as ukulele but I am gradually phasing out guitar.  I still love the guitar and I do play for myself sometimes but it is a lot of extra work preparing material for each student.  I have two guitar students, one delightful boy who will probably transition to another teacher for electric guitar tuition and a lovely high school girl who likes the same melancholy folk type songs that I do (eg Eed Sheeran!).  Ukulele I love and will continue to take ukulele students especially young ones who are fun to teach.  Ukulele is so good for little fingers and now many artists are incorporating ukulele into their lineup!

Videos: With Carol’s help, I will be putting up more videos this weekend so have a look under videos and I will be doing more videos so I keep my hand in putting them up on my blog.  I forget how to do it in between postings!  Love to see students on video and have to tell you that some of my students who are learning Yiruma’s “River” watch Ashley playing the piece to learn how to do it!

Happy Spring!

Lorna Collingridge