This past week I asked the students to wear funny hats during their online lessons.  Some are very mysterious but very creative – love the toilet paper hat! Ida did explain hers and it had something to do with the Coronavius too.  Oscar’s has a pokemon character Gyarados on it!  It was very fun.  I have chosen 5 winning hats and each of the winners will receive a $10 voucher for Locopops, but all the other wonderful hat wearers will also receive a $3 Locopops voucher too.  The photos are not in order! Pretty amazing bunch don’t you think?

Winning hats: Louise, Stella, Oscar, Louisa, and Leo

Runner up hats: Iris, Jikai, Lucas, Mai, Madeline, Cecilia, Ava, Mia, Pascale, Ida

Thanks to Carol for all the technical expertise!