Unbelievably it is already October 7 and Halloween is approaching and the leaves are turning and it is time to divest my garden of summer annuals and plant my usual 40 pansies and numerous bulbs.  I am glad for some cooler weather and some dry days.
I hope everyone is well and trying to stay positive and hopeful.  I hope playing music alleviates some of the stress and takes your minds off the virus and its dangers.
I read something amazing that I did not know in my Music Teachers National Association Magazine about a project called Victory Vertical. In 1941 as America entered World War 2, metals became scarce and piano makers were in trouble.  Steinway, the NY maker of expensive high end pianos offered to make cheap durable upright piano to be sent to where troops were stationed so piano players among them could play music and entertain their friends and have sing-a-longs.  The pianos were lightweight and painted drab green and were wildly popular with troops everywhere.  They were carefully boxed up with tons of new sheet music.For history buffs, the story is now being told on https://www.victoryvertical.com/
There is a lot to this story, not the least that in 1941 many more people learned piano than do today, and their sight reading skills were far beyond our sight reading skills today because people gathered around pianos in their sans TV living rooms and sight read new sheet music – often songs or light classical pieces.
I was born in 1945 and my mother played piano and entertained the family and friends with songs and music and I remember sitting on my mother’s lap as she played.  Still sing her songs.
But now to other matters:
1.  I hope all students are able to access the emails I send.  They are critical to an organised practice regime and I know people are very busy but if you have a plan it is easier to make 10-15 minutes practice very efficient and more pleasant.
2. October fees are due and thanks to all who have already paid ahead.  Please see the schedule in my emails where I detail the month’s fees and please check my calculations!  Music and Math are definitely related but that does not refer to simple arithmetic at which I am unreliable at times!
I doubt there will be any trick or treating this year but I am trying to find suitable Halloween music for students.  This must be a rare occasion in America that there will not be the usual Halloween night time activities!   Just when Halloween feel on a convenient Saturday.