Fall Soiree

The Fall Soiree is about a month away and I am talking to students about their performances items. I love having twice yearly soirees for many reasons. It gives students something concrete to aim for but even more importantly, it is an opportunity for students to share their musical talents with family and friends and with the wonderful community at Croasdaile Village. This year the soiree will be Sunday December 2, at 3 pm in Croasdaile Auditorium. The younger students and the guitar and string groups will be playing in the first half, and the more advanced students and vocalists in the second half. I will be sending out an tentative program in a week’s time. Please let me know during lessons if you are not going to be able to come and perform on Sunday December 2.

This year I need to have a rehearsal for the string and guitars and ukulele groups. I know this is a tough time of the year to carve out some rehearsal space, but this is what I have arranged:

On Sunday November 25 there will be a rehearsal for all guitar, ukulele and string players at 3 pm at High Strung store in Broad Street, Durham. There will be a schedule coming soon so you will know the window of time when you are going to be rehearsing. I know this is the last day of the thanksgiving break but I am hoping most people will be coming back by 3 pm on the Sunday.


Just a reminder that I will be teaching this Wednesday October 31. I hope all the Wednesday people can come, even if they are in Halloween scary costumes (I would love that!) but if not, please let me know because I can always do makeup lessons if I know ahead of time that you a not coming.

Fees for November and December

As the first of the penultimate month approaches, could I ask that everyone pays the fees to the end of the Fall semester? In most cases it is 4 lessons plus one lesson in December. I am leaving for Australia December 8 so that last teaching day will be December 7. I will return January 1, 2013 and the Spring Semester will commence Monday January 7, 2013.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday people need to factor in that I will not be teaching over the thanksgiving days as I am going to be away celebrating my last thanksgiving as an alien rather than an American citizen! (I’ll be studying for my citizenship exam May 2013). On the emails I hope you are all receiving after each lesson there is a timetable of remaining lessons and you can see there the fees due. If you need an invoice let me know. I will put details on the student email under the “schedule” heading.

Spring 2013

I can’t believe I am talking about 2013 already but I will be away until just before the semester commences, and I guess I will not being doing any work in Australia apart from entertaining my two granddaughters. I am going to assume that everyone is continuing in the same time as Fall unless you let me know otherwise. I will be on email in Australia so can at least make scheduling adjustments. Spring 2013 semester will commence Monday January 7 and will end Friday June 7. After that I am going to offer a summer semester which will commence Monday June 10 and end Friday August 16 after which Fall semester will begin.

I am thinking right now about a flexible summer schedule where students and parents can negotiate special lesson times or intensive longer lessons in music theory or Finale for example. I am also considering running several half day camps at the new High Strung studio off Ninth Street. These camps would be from 9 am -12 p and would be for group experiences in guitar, ukulele, strings, and some voice and choral experiences, maybe some musical drama as well. I know a number of students expressed a desire to continue summer lessons, but if I am teaching full time camps I can’t accommodate their needs. I also am aware that the very long summer break is not ideal for mastering a musical instrument. Too much gets forgotten if the student really wants to make progress. I also love doing group work and I hope in the summer break time students might be able to come to some morning sessions with me.

If you have any feedback about my idea for a summer term I would love to hear it.

Again thank you all so much for learning with Flourishing Muse. Thanks to you all I am able to support myself doing something I really love.