The year is coming to a close!  Seems like summer was only yesterday; hang on it WAS only last week!

Important dates and information I need from everyone:

Monday people in November: there are four Mondays in November if you are coming on Veterans day; if not please let me know today.  Fees due will be $130 for 4 Mondays, or $97.50 for 3.

Tuesday people in November: There are 4 Tuesdays fees $130.

Wednesday people in November: 4 Tuesdays fees $130

Thursday people in November:  Thanks giving is on 11/28 so there will be 3 Thursday in November 

Friday people in November:  There would be 5 Fridays in November but I am not teaching 11/15 as I have a small procedure to get done, and then 11/29 is part of thanksgiving, so there will be 3 Fridays in November.

Which brings me to December and the Soirée, Sunday 12/8/19  I need to know who is able to perform at the Soirée and what they are going to perform. I will be talking to students this week and subsequently.  After thanksgiving there will only be one more lesson before the Soirée.  After the Soirée, lessons will continue to December 22 if you are able to come during those weeks.  I do encourage students to continue as long as they can because then there will be a two week break.  Lessons will commence in 2020 on Monday January 6.

I would love new students to perform at the Soirée but if you prefer, you could just come and see what it is all like.  The Soirée is quite informal and your family and friends, your fellow students and the Croasdaile residents would love to hear what you have been working on.

More to come later on the Soirée!