Hello students and parents, There are a few items so I will be short and use headings.

Soirée December 8 2023

It is 4 weeks to the Soir√©e so all students who are going to play should be into final practice of their musical offering.¬† For new families, and especially the under 9 year olds (of which there are 9), this is a very relaxed occasion.¬† I will sit with the youngest ones if they want me to, and will help where needed.¬† We have a beautiful venue in the Sanctuary at ERUUF (more directions nearer the date) with a grand piano and tiered seating and big airy space.¬† Students under 9 years need not pick their item perhaps until¬† 2 weeks before but I am talking to them this week about what they would like to play. Students aged 10 and above need to pick their items this week.¬† Most students will play one piece but there are some I will invite to play 2.¬† I have to pay a hire fee for the Sanctuary and I choose to do that because I want all students to play on a grand piano (as I do not have room for one here) and I want the tiered seating and the airy space and the great acoustics.¬† The fee is $390 this year.¬† If any parents feel they could and would like to contribute that would be wonderful, but it is not necessary.¬† I feel I am very fortunate with my modest income from my studio, and my partner’s support.
Thanksgiving 2023
It is almost upon us!  I will be teaching Wednesday 11/22 but not on Thursday 11/23.  If anyone is going to be away other days in that week please let me know this week so I can use the times for makeups or extra work for advanced students.
Christmas 2023
I am working on all students having a holiday item to play if they want that.  I will be teaching right up to Christmas ie last teaching day will be Thursday 12/21/23.  If anyone is going away before that week also please let me know. I am also going to take 2 weeks off at Christmas so the Spring semester in 2024 will begin on Monday 1/8/23 (and then Martin Luther King day will be Monday 1/15/24, and I will teach that day if you are able to come to lessons.  Monday holidays do interrupt Mondays but some families like to go away for the 3 day weekend and I understand that).
Thank you to all who enable me to earn my living from my nice warm home Рlove it!  Love seeing all my students and miss you when I have to go away! I am going to have to put my fees up in 2024 with the rising costs of utilities and just living!  However I will of course give a 10% discount for families with 2 or more learning.  The new fee will be $38 a 1/2 hour lesson and $76 for the hour lesson.  I have considered 45 minute lessons but that leaves me with scheduling problems unless I can dovetail 2 people (may be possible).  The hours between 3-7 pm every day are so full.  I am still adhering to no teaching on Fridays.  I need that time for my own practice and other artistic pursuits and sometimes just catching up!  I am sorry if this is a burden to some.  I am also a member of the Durham Music Teachers Association and they offer scholarships but you do have to supply evidence of your income. I have had a number of students in the past who have benefited from these scholarships.
Again thank you all for your support ever since 2008!!