Happy New Year everyone! I hope it is a healthy, peaceful and prosperous one for all of you and America and all this world (it is the only one we have right now).

Some important scheduling information follows:

The Spring Semester begins Monday January 4 and ends Friday June 17.
I will not be teaching on MLK day (January 18) or Memorial day (May 30) – I now get it that these are days off in America!
I am going to take a two week Spring Break over Easter from Monday March 21 until Friday April 1. The first week is Holy week and the second is one where many schools take holidays although I know there are so many variations on break times now. I am also going on a hiking vacation in that week!
The Spring Soiree will most likely be Sunday June 5, same time, same place.

Student lessons times:

If anyone is not continuing or needs to change times please let me know as soon as possible. I know things change once school starts and activities get organized but just let me know and hopefully by the second week we will be sorted out. I want to encourage students to try to come to the weekly scheduled lesson. It is the proven way to make good progress which is satisfying for you and also for me. Learning music is something the student and I do together and the weekly interaction is most important.

I am assuming that you are all coming on the same schedule as last year unless you tell me otherwise and a current timetable is up on my blog and up to date: www.fsmstaging.net click on Spring Schedule. I have 10 young students on my waiting list!


I am raising my fees for all lessons to $30 for a 1/2 hour lesson and $60 for an hour lesson. I will still offer a 10% discount for families with more than one learning. Please pay one month’s fees at the first lesson each month. In January there will only be 3 weeks because of MLK Day but all other days will have 4 weeks of lessons. I also want to let you know that I do not charge fees for the twice yearly recitals although I am aware that other studios do make a charge. Many times I also provide music in lessons via photocopy or print out. I really appreciate that 90% of families pay me in the first week, but would love it if the remaining 10% could remember to do it too! Cash or check.


If you can give me 24 hours notice of not being able to come to a lesson I can often fill that time with a makeup lesson or extra time for someone. I can then credit that lesson. I don’t want to put a limit on credits as some studios do because I know inadvertent events arise, but please be mindful that this business is my one source of income. If someone is ill on the day – or bitten by a dog (has happened twice) – or called to help a relative – or forgets to come (!!), of course I can credit that lesson and I think I always have done that. Usually does not happen often and I can often schedule a makeup time. Having a one person business means I know all the students and families really well and love to see you all and care about all your troubles!

Contacting me:

I have revised my phone plan and now have unlimited texting (like any teenager!) so texting me is great especially when I am teaching. It is too hard to take phone calls while teaching but I can see a text and answer between lessons. 919-599-9372. Email is also good but response time will be slower.


Too far away! But I am thinking about summer lessons, activities, special classes…. Any thoughts let me know.