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Music Lessons

I offer private lessons in piano, ukelele, and composition in my home in the Watts Hillandale area.  I am currently teaching adults and young people and really enjoy tailoring my lessons to the interests of the students.  I prepare material for all my lessons and love it when a student is excited about being able to play a new piece or complete a new composition.

Since March 2020 I have had to move all my lessons online.  Given the uncertainly of the pandemic we are experiencing, I will be teaching exclusively online until at least Fall 2021.  I have good internet, modern equipment, and can teach on facetime, skype, google duo, and zoom.   Most students are doing really well considering the adaptations they have had to make. The recent virtual recital has encouraged students to feel they are part of a community of learners and I intend to hold more in the future, to replicate the twice yearly recitals I usually held each year.

Piano is my main teaching and performing instrument and I can accept advanced students as well as beginners.  I am currently preparing students for The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations in piano.  However, I am happy to teach students of all ages who simply want to enjoy playing the piano for the first time or again after a break.

Ukelele is an instrument I have recently taken up and I play tenor “uke”.  For me it is great fun, and for little fingers it is a great way to start on a fretted string instrument.  Apart from accompanying songs, my students also play arrangements of music such as Pachelbel’s Canon and Bulgarian folk dances!

In recent years I have focused on composition and have a number of published works.  I use Finale, the music software program, and I can teach this program if the student also has the program on their computer.  I have published works, mostly of a liturgical nature, and one can be viewed under original works.

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Contact: Lorna at or at 919-599-9372

Lessons are generally half an hour although some one hour times are available for advanced students or students learning more than one instrument. My schedule is regularly updated.

Lessons in composition and lessons in learning Finale are by negotiation.  Students who want to learn Finale would need to have an up-to-date version of Finale installed on their home computer or laptop.  I use a mac laptop but I am familiar with PCs and Finale works across both platforms.

Lorna Collingridge