The Durham Music Teachers Association conducted a wonderful playathon on Sunday April 30 at Sutton Place.  Fifteen of my students performed, all very well, and families and friends sat outdoors in nice weather enjoying the music.  Dr Frank Pitman kindly supplied a really nice digital piano and sound system so we could all hear it very well.  It was so great for students to hear each other play.  I am organizing a holiday concert for the end of Fall semester and hopefully covid will not prevent it.

Speaking of covid I have had several families with or in contact with covid and I hope all are not very ill.  I am still set up for remote lessons so if anyone needs to go remote for a week just let me know.  And because I am traveling to the UK in about 3 weeks I am anxious to avoid being positive and having to delay my flight so for the next few weeks I will be wearing my mask.  Students can choose to or not but just so they know why I will be wearing mine.  I did buy travel insurance for the first time in my life, but in light of the first world wide pandemic in my lifetime it is necessary!

There are 3 more weeks of May lessons counting this week before I leave for the UK to spend time with my daughter and family.  I will be away all of June; I am coming back on 6/18 but then I am going to the mountains.  Summer lessons will be from July 4 to August 25, an eight week block.  I want to offer flexible lessons so students do not have such a long break away from their music.  How this works best is if you tell me you want some summer lessons and what weeks, days and times you might want those lessons.  I usually try to offer lessons Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during summer.  So far I have several students signed up and of course that is great for me not just financially, but I too get bored in the long summer break and I miss my students and parents!  I know most students are in camps in summer so I am happy to offer lessons between 4-6:30 or so after camps usually end. I can also offer online lessons but as you know, I think in-person is easier for both teacher and student, but the offer is there.  Some people might want to keep their Spring lesson times; just let me know.

Fall will start the Tuesday after labor day as usual.  If by any chance you already know you will not be taking lessons in Fall that would be sad, but useful information as I plan the rest of the year. I do have some people on my waiting list.

I do apologize for my piano A key which is not behaving well, but thank goodness the tuner from Ruggero is coming May 24.  If you need piano work I can highly recommend Ruggero Piano who have been great at keeping my busy studio piano in good repair.

Stay well and safe everyone.