Lovely May is here and it is definitely time to choose what you are going to entertain us with at the Soiree on June 4.  I would like students to tell me this week what their choice is likely to be. I would like to remind everyone especially new parents why I do these twice a year Soirees.  I do not like the model of competition for young students.  Once you get to high school, if you want to compete, go for it, but to me everyone is a winner and an achiever if they play an instrument and sing.  Awesome to do both at the same time!  I love doing the soirees at Croasdaile Village.  the retirees there love to come and see the students perform and the mix of ages is so important for a community where all are valued.  The performances are sent on video to residents who cannot leave their rooms. Sharing the music we make is so important – I am one who likes to play just for myself but I know people like to hear me play – I played some jazz over the phone Saturday as my birthday gift to a trombone player.

Choose pieces with which you are very familiar, unless you are confident you can work up a piece in six weeks. 

Today fees for May are due.  Some people have paid some May weeks, some people have 5 days in May and some four, and there’s memorial day at the end of May on a Monday.  I am going to teach that day because it is so close to the soiree and the end of the Spring semester. If you are not coming on Memorial day please let me know and adjust fees accordingly. You can also come at an earlier time. For new people, (and some less new!), the way my emails work is under Previous: you will find last week’s work and goals.  Under Today: you will find the forward goals and work to do and also messages to students and parents.  Under Schedule: you will find a summary of days in the semester and your payments.  This is where you can tell what you will owe for May and subsequent months. Over my almost ten years doing this I have not kept perfect records but I am pretty strict about recording payments.  If I have made a mistake always let me know. It is fine to pay me in cash, but most people pay by check.  I realize this is old-fashioned but I do not want to take credit cards and interrupt lessons.  I like to make sure everyone gets the full 1/2 hour.

The Spring semester ends June 9. It does not end when the Soiree is finished.  I need to see students for one more week at least to set work to go on with over summer.

Summer semester will be for two weeks in June before I go to London, and 4 weeks in August before the short Fall semester begins. Everyone is welcome to continue during summer and I can be flexible about lessons times.  I would like to set up summer lessons before June 9 if you know your movements.  I can also teach a little later to accommodate those going to camps. I will put a summer schedule up on my blog.  I would like to remind everyone that these newsletter are always up on my blog if you need to check something.

Summer weeks: June 12-23; August 7 – September 1

Fall semester: September 5 – December 15

Be safe and well and enjoy our warmth.  I am trying to keep ahead of the weeds!