If we are talking basketball, it seems there will be a tournament of sorts, but sadly no matches here in Durham NC; it appears the Indiana will get the honor.

If we are talking March weather and everything else, I am hoping for sunshine, warmth, no rain, and lots of vaccines being available.  Lucky for me, I had my second pfizer vaccine Sunday 2/21.  

Zoom DMTA Recital:

On Saturday 2/27/21 at 3 pm the Durham Music Teachers Association is holding a virtual Zoom recital and 5 of my students are playing:

Khaleel Jackson:  Sonatina in A minor by Jiri Benda

Kavisha Saram:  Gavotte in G major by Handel; Sonatina in C major by Clementi

Lucas Bartosik:  Gavotte by Telemann, Minuet by Bach

Annabel Haynes: own composition “Some Day”

Louise Downs: City of Stars

The DMTA will send out a link later this week to these students and families, but if any other students would like to watch the concert I can forward the link if you let me know.  I will attach the full program so you will see that several teachers have students playing in the recital   It is great to see colleagues and hear what they are playing.

Zoom ukulele and guitar recital:

On Saturday 7/3/21, at 3 pm, I am holding a virtual Zoom recital of my 5 ukulele and guitar students, who have all selected one song to play and sing.  Next week I will send a program and a link for anyone other than the students and families who would like to watch and listen.  Let me know!

Piano students:

There will be another DMTA virtual Zoom recital on Saturday 3/27/21 at 3 pm.  Would love some more students to participate, so let me know in lessons.  I will also try to have a Zoom piano recital myself before the spring break April 1-11, 2021.

I am very happy that all students are continuing in the Spring semester.  I know that in June I will lose 3 high schoolers who are so excited to be off to college, but more of future plans in subsequent emails. Can’t make predictions about in person music lessons yet.

March Fees: will be due next week.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday students will have 5 lessons in March ($162.50) and Thursday and Friday students will have 4 March lessons ($130). 

Everyone stay well and keep practicing!