March already!  Flowers blooming and birds nesting – love it!

This month I will be taking my spring break from Monday 3/25 to Friday 3/29 which is the same time at Durham Public Schools Spring Break.  I had to move it from after Easter because Easter is so late this year.  Hope that does not inconvenience people too much.

So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday fees in March will be for 3 weeks; Friday fees will be for 4 weeks as 3/1 falls on the friday.

I did go to the Duke concert last Sunday 3/3/19 and I am sorry if you missed it.  The two works performed were just wonderful.  Phillip Glass’s Itaipu is very powerful with huge orchestra and choir – I love that fact that Durham can assemble such resources to perform these big works.  The second work was even more amazing.  Eric Whiteacre’s “Deep Field” described in abstract music what the Hubble telescope saw when it looked into far away galaxies.  Baldwin was packed and everyone had downloaded the Deep Field App and we all cued up our smart phones, and turned them on at measure 274 when the conductor indicated it was time to do so.  The effect was entrancing.  You felt like you were in space seeing millions of other suns and planets just like ours.    You can download the app and try it out but not with all the orchestra and choir sadly.

I am really happy that a number of students (and parents!) and playing duets.  It is so important for counting the time and for feeling like you are making music together.  Am going to try to have a duet get together maybe the friday afternoon before the Spring Break but I will talk to students and parents separately.

Don’t forget about the Playathoon April 13 from 2:30 – 3:00 at Northgate Mall – am hoping to have lots of duetists!