This summer, 2018, I took a long 6 weeks trip to visit my two daughters, Meredith and Rose and my three grandkids, Lakota, Myla and Joshie.  Meredith and her husband Mark live in Fremantle, Western Australia, and Rose and her husband Simon live in London, or rather did live in London but are moving right now to Bedford, about hour and a half from London. It was a great visit but I was away a long time and I am very glad to be home with Carol, my home, my garden and all my friends and students.  Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Lorna with grandson Joshie at Hampstead Heath

I toured Highgate Hill Cemetery, which is very weird really but I enjoyed the guide’s commentary.  Cool and shady.

Port Beach, Fremantle WA, favorite place to walk even in winter,  loads of Sailboats and container ships waiting to enter the port.


Jarrah forest near Millbrook Winery in the Margaret River region, WA.  Fluffy grass trees and ancient palms.

Walking into Millbrook Winery where my daughter took me for lunch for my birthday.  Almost every day was like this, cold but brilliant blue skies.  The Margaret River region is famous for its wines and Millbrook wines were really good but expensive!

This is what we colonial Aussies do to remind ourselves that Xmas should be cold, as it was in the northern hemisphere where most of us come from.  I personally always cooked a hot roast and hot xmas pudding for Xmas day in December even if it was 100 degrees! Nowadays one goes to the beach for a picnic on Xmas day and, for fun, have a cold July Xmas celebration (with fake snow)!

Playing backyard cricket with my granddaughter Myla.

Mysterious artwork by my granddaughter Lakota – art is one of her best subjects.

On a visit to a Farm stay at Dwellingup WA, the family enjoyed the Trees Adventure park where they have over 30 very scary zip lines all connected by nasty moving bridges.  I did not participate but watched while hoping no-one fell!

Myla age 6 did her course 7 times!


My daughter Meredith had to do it with her 10 year old – took her a while to feel confident!

Of course the 10 year old granddaughter had no fear and had to wait for her mother!

Lorna and Lakota at the Art Gallery of WA – we are supposed to look very alike.

So happy this is happening all over WA – has got me into the habit of taking my own bags here – we need this everywhere!

Back in London – Joshie rode a pygmy hippopotamus at the Zoo and he wasn’t even scared!!

A bevy of swans on the Ouse river in Bedford, my daughter Rose’s new home.

Rose and Lorna enjoying a cold glass of white wine in the pub in London – sadly the next glass will be in Bedford.  I do love London!

The scary banksia man with all his mouths who tries to eat Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie! – Myla was reading this Australian book and hearing it all again I realize it has a lot of adult ideas in it – going to re-read it.  I was always terrified of banksia seeds – they are quite big!