A few more days and Spring semester will be over.  I am running an attenuated summer schedule and if you go to my blog, www.fsmstaging.net and click the Schedule page, I have the summer schedule up there and will update it as people tell me what they would like to do.  I will be teaching on these days:





































I will not be teaching in August when I am away in France (lucky me). Fall semester begins on Tuesday September 2, the day after labor day.  If you are continuing lessons with Flourishing Muse in Fall, make sure you secure your time and day soon because I have a waiting list.

My primary instrument, as most people know, is piano.  I love to teach piano, music theory, and Finale.  I also love to teach voice but my own voice is having problems and apparently that is not unusual for someone who has taught as long as I have.  Sad, but I am trying to rest my voice over summer (no yelling at the ballgame!) I do teach guitar and ukulele and I love that too but I have my limitations.  I cannot teach electric guitar or bass so three of my students are graduating from my studio to other teachers who can teach electric guitar and bass.  I wish them very happy playing.

My strength in guitar and ukulele teaching is being able to take students to an intermediate level and to teach them to read chords, tablature, and regular notation so they can go on themselves in whatever guitar interests they have, playing in a band, singing and accompanying themselves, playing bass or lead guitar (not my forte).  I have had much experience in the past as  folk singer/guitarist and with playing rhythm guitar in groups, but no rock and roll!  I wish Ii could have some guitar/ukulele groups but space and time do not permit.  High Strung and the Guitar Center do provide some group experiences.  In the meantime I do want to keep teaching guitar and ukulele but would like students and potential students to know there are limitations on what I can teach.

The Spring Soiree is very close – this Sunday June 8 at 2:30 (guitars and ukuleles) and 3:15 (piano, recorder and voice) at Croasdaile Auditorium in Croasdaile Village.  All are very welcome.  I look forward to the Soiree each year – it really gives students a goal to work towards and it is a very relaxed concert; no judgements are passed and you can always start again!  Sometimes the audience sings along!

Happy summer everyone!