Spring semester has come to an end although the weather seems more like August than June!
In July and August I will have a summer schedule and I think I have most people’s dates entered but I am going to send some text reminders at times just to make sure we are all on the same scheduling page.  I will endeavor to put fees for July in the first July email if you are having July lessons and the same in August.  I think everyone has my dates but just in case I will also put them below.  Red indicates the times I will be away visiting one daughter or another (there is another beach week in there as well!)  Sorry I am going to be absent at times this year!  That is the trouble with having a daughter in the Uk and one in Australia!
There will be one week of lessons in the week beginning with Labor Day 9/2.  I really need to see all the students that week before I go to Australia because I will be away for 4 weeks.  I will be teaching Labor Day but if you cannot come maybe I can fit you in later that week.
Once I am back and teaching it will be my Fall semester – always short but this time even shorter!  I will try to book the Holiday Soirée for December 6.
I have the same schedule (almost) that was operating in Spring and it is on my website under the schedule page.  Please look at it and give me notice of either not continuing, or whether you already know you need another day or time.  I need to put it in my dairy but of course I know once school starts, things can change.
Continue to have a wonderful safe hopefully cooler summer and Happy 4th July to everyone!  I will be at Oval Park 10 am for the parade, singing, flags and the pledge.