Hard to believe it is almost November and even harder to believe we are still in the throes of this virus.  I hope everyone is doing OK, although I know that is probably not totally the case.  I am fine in spite of my age and have been so fortunate as to be healthy and still working.  I think about my students all the time and I know for some it is really difficult especially the high schoolers, and the youngest ones.

Halloween:  I am so sorry about no trick or treating for Halloween!  I will not be receiving visits from monsters this year and will not be handing out candy, sad to say.  But I wonder if students could send me photos of themselves in their Halloween costume!  I am pretty sure most are going to dress up and I would love to see you all.

Students: I am really pleased with the progress students have been able to make in spite of the difficulties of learning totally online. All students have been patient and cooperative, and I thank you so much.  I am working on the idea of a Zoom concert or two in December although I understand a lot of students are not terribly comfortable with the idea of yet another Zoom meeting, but I will talk to people about it.  With the virus still rampant I am not hopeful about the Spring being in person as yet.

Fees: November fees will be due next week.  Monday students will have 5 weeks in November; Tuesday and Wednesday students will have 4 and Thursday and Friday students will have three because of Thanksgiving.  In December there will be either 3 or 3 weeks of lessons depending on which day you normally come.  Please look at next week’s emails for clarity.  Some students and parents are opting to pay November and December and that is fine either way.  Please let me know if there are days around thanksgiving other than the usual Thursday or Friday that you might be away.  Thank you all for keeping me employed!

Vacation: I will be on vacation for two weeks over Christmas from December 21 to January 1.  In addition over the next two months I might have to reschedule a few lessons on the day they are going to put on our new roof.   It will be incredibly noisy but will save us from the all too frequent roof leaks.  In addition, I might have to accompany my partner to a procedure on a date possible in December but again I will reschedule the lessons involved.  The Spring Semester will begin on Monday January 4, 2021.

Stay safe and well