The 2013 Fall Soiree was one of the best ever and I have tried to remember how many we have had at Croasdaile, and I think it might be around 10, but my records back then are a bit patchy.  Certainly there have been 8 Soirees which amazes me!

There were so many highlights at the concert that I just cannot enumerate them all and I don’t want to pick out individuals.  Everyone did their very best and made great improvements on their previous performances!  I have some video and audio recordings which I am going to put here later this week or after Christmas.

I am practicing gratefulness at the present time, enumerating all the things I am grateful for, and at the top of the list are my students and families.  I feel very blessed to have you all be part of my studio and my life.  I formally started Flourishing Muse in January 2009 and I think this coming January will be the 5 year anniversary.  I am also grateful to Croasdaile Community where I hold my Soirees – so special to come to such a lovely auditorium and to include the residents in our audience.  One lady who was 101 told me she loved every minute of the concert!

January might also be the month I will become an American citizen.  I have had two appointments to record my fingerprints and even though they are really not well recorded (callouses from the guitar make it hard) they are not calling me back.  Next will be the appointment, the test (100 questions!), and the ceremony.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to become a citizen! The students at Immaculata always wondered why I did not say the pledge of allegiance – soon I will be able to!

Lessons start again on January 6, 2014.  I have made it a little later so everyone can settle times in those after school hours 4-7 pm.  My current schedule, with a few changes, is on my blog – click on Schedule.  Some families have already flagged that they will need to make changes and I have most of those in my notes but if you would like to remind me I would be happy to check what I wrote down.  If there are any direct swaps that people want to organize just let me know.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and you all receive things you wanted and needed, and you have tons of fun.  I don’t think it will snow at least in Durham!  I am sad because there were never any white Christmases in Australia and I have only had a few here!