Happy Holidays!

I hope students and parents have a really wonderful holiday season and an exciting new year in 2012. Flourishing Muse is now 2 years old and I am hoping for another creative year with my musicians and composers in 2012. Thank you so much for learning music with Flourishing Muse!

I am taking 1.5 weeks off teaching so I can work on my synthesizer and my own compositions as well as a couple of other neglected projects including an art work I want to exhibit next year – well, we will see how much I get done! I also want to work on my ukulele playing and on planning teaching strategies for Finale, the music program which aids composition and arrangement.

I have some outstanding accounts and I will email individually about fees due. I have a post box where it is safe to send checks: Flourishing Muse LLC, PO Box 953, Durham NC 27705. Thanks so much to everyone for prompt payment of fees. Flourishing Muse is my sole source of income and I really love what I do and appreciate your support in enabling me to support myself and bring the love of music to my students.

The Fall Soiree was even more wonderful than the Spring soiree. I am so excited about the diversity of talents demonstrated by my students. The auditorium was almost full and many Croasdaile residents came up to me to say how much they enjoyed the concert. I love to bring young people to the seniors at the village – they have so much to offer each other. There were so many highlights for me I cannot enumerate them all but I think I have told individual students how well I think they are progressing.

At the Spring Soiree I am planning some more guitar groupings and a ukelele orchestra as well as more piano duet or even two piano works. We may also be able to use the Music Teachers Association harpsichord for Baroque performances (it resides at Croasdaile).

Next year I am hoping some of my composers will think about writing some songs. I have not been composing many songs lately but I am going to attach one that I wrote for my granddaughter Lakota and her best friend, Sophia. When I went to Bali to see her I took her a red ukelele and she loves to play it so I am accompanying myself with the Ukulele, as she requested! Lakota is now back in Fremantle Australia, and she is so happy to be able to play with Sophia again. Go to my blog and you can download the mp3 and the pdf of the little song! I am hoping next year to put up more music for students.


Click here for the mp3 and here for the pdf. Talk to me if you have some ideas for songs!