I hope you are all having a great holiday break wherever you are.  I enjoyed some time in South Carolina on the beach but am now working on the new semester, Spring 2020.
Lessons begin on Monday January 6, 2020 at your usual times unless you have let me know you need a change.  I know that is hard till everyone gets back to school but let me know changes as soon as you can.  Let me know if you are no longer going to take lessons also, as I have 4 on my waiting list.
For those who have seen the news, the bushfires are indeed terrible in Australia mostly on the east coast (ie Queenland, NSW and Victoria).  However, my eldest daughter lives on the west coast where there are fewer fires,  and more importantly lives near the sea where some towns in Victoria have had to take refuge!
I am looking forward to seeing all my students again.  A break is lovely but a bit lonely!
FYI, I will be taking a two week spring break from Monday 4/6 to Friday 4/17, and the semester will end June 12.  I am planning the Spring Soiree for June 7
Be safe, have fun, and see you next week.