Hello students and parents and families

I hope and pray and wish that 2022 turns out to be a better year than 2021 and 2020.  It would be great if the pandemic would die down and we could all travel again.  I am probably going to the UK and Australia over the summer Рfinally!  Maybe!
The Spring semester 2022 begins Monday January 3 and will end at the end of May.  Dates will be in your emails and more information will be coming about a Spring Break.  I have heard back from about 3 people to tell me they are continuing or whether they need time changes.  I am assuming that everyone else is continuing and is happy with their Fall time. The correct schedule is displayed under Schedule.
Fees will be¬†due next week for the month of January, and the fee is the same as Fall, $35 for a 1/2 hour lesson.¬† Monday people: I will be teaching MLK day but let me know if you are not coming to lessons that day and adjust the month’s fees accordingly.
I am fully vaccinated and boosted as is Carol and we have had minimum contact with groups over the break and are both well.¬† I was hoping to test myself once I came back from the beach Friday (in a condo with just Carol) but the shortage of fast tests meant I had to schedule a longer test later in the week.¬† I do not suspect I have covid but was wanting to be ultra cautious.¬† I will wear a mask unless you are happy for me not to and please tell me either way in the lesson.¬† Anyone young ones not vaccinated need to wear a mask; others let’s talk about it in lessons. I am wearing Little Lives PPE N95 masks, now – 5 for $15 off their¬†website.
Let me know any problems with the schedule.
My studio windows did not arrive yet so same old windows until the supply chain moves BUT my new piano duet bench IS arriving Monday or Tuesday!  Only took 6 months.
I am so excited that the weather channel says snow Monday morning Рprobably two flakes but it was great to see that tiny snowflake.  Anyone know a snow dance?
Looking forward to seeing everyone next week.