Happy MLK Day

I hope everyone is having a break and maybe doing nice things in spite of the freezing cold!  You would think it could snow if it is going to be this cold!

I think everyone has made a good start after the break and it is great to see all my students.  Without them how would I spend my time?

I do have some news I need to impart.  Apparently I have a basel cell carcinoma on my right lower eyelid which will necessitate Mohs surgery February 22 and plastic surgery February 23 to make it pretty as the Dr says.  However it will not be pretty and he wants me off work for a week after that.  This is why there is a week of no lessons in your dates at the end of February.  Thursday people will sadly miss two weeks of lessons unless I can fit you in earlier that week.

Only positive is I live near Duke and I have insurance and it is being done at Duke Medical facilities- last one at the Eye Center.

I am looking at the week off after the surgery as my spring break (Grrrrr) and so will probably not take anymore time off until June.  However I know all of you will have various spring breaks and will often be away different weeks. Let me know as soon as you know so I can rearrange make up lessons.

Summer piano camps:

My favorite is the UNCG residential summer camp.  Please check out the website and book EARLY.  It fills up so fast.  https://vpa.uncg.edu/music/smcamp/

There are also camps at UNCA, Meredith College, ECU, and UNC School of the Arts Winston Salem:


School Of Rock Chapel Hill is a fun experience:  https://www.schoolofrock.com/locations/chapelhill/music-camps

There are more so please consider – my students have benefitted greatly from these types of camps, and they all seem to have lots of fun.


Students and parents might have noticed that I am in favor of a wide variety of repertoire including newly composed compositions which do not always sound like the classics. I am especially keen on compositions by women.  I also teach the regular classics but I think being exposed to modern classical music is important even though the sounds you parents might hear might sound weird!  I try to accommodate popular music where I can but the arrangements often do not sound like the originals, and are hard to play and have to include some playing by ear!

Thanks always for learning piano with my studio!