The Ground Hog is predicting early Spring – well, we will see.  If winter as such is over I fear the summer heat will come early and strong! I hope the ground hog is wrong and we maybe even get some snow!  February is supposed to be the snowy month… ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

February is indeed upon us and I need to remind everyone that I will not be teaching from Thursday February 22 till Thursday February 29 (yes it is a leap year!).  I will have the Mohs surgery on my eyelid on the 22nd and the plastic surgery to fix it on the 23rd and then I have to lie around doing nothing, so the Dr says, for a week, and absolutely no working. I will be back for all March lessons unless you have Spring Breaks happening.  Let me know about days off if you can.  And those good people who have already paid 4 weeks in advance I will put one payment forward into March.

Thank you so much to all the people who gave me wonderful tea – currently drinking Vanilla tea, decaf which is so good – then I can sleep.  All the teas are so interesting and different; thanks so much.

I love that I have students whose musical ears are so good they can play without reading the music but I feel it is my job to make sure they can actually read music notation.  After all you can’t know every piece of music so sometimes you might want to learn an unfamiliar piece and that requires being able to read the notes.  Am getting my Flash Cards out!

I also read an interesting article in my MTNA Journal about performance anxiety.  The most interesting thing was a short extract which you will see on my noticeboard: if a student has performance anxiety don’t ask what is wrong with that student, ask what has that student experienced? I have performance anxiety and I never thought about it this way; what happened that made me so nervous from an early age?  Am thinking about it.  I did have an early teacher who did use a ruler to hit my fingers when I made a mistake.  I guess that would do it!  But it can be a lot more subtle than that.  Something to think about.  Perhaps if a student understands why they feel this anxiety it might provide some relief or at least some reassurance.