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Will be held February 11 between 2-3 pm at Brightleaf Square (I will explain more about our venue – we are choosing between two at the moment but definitely in the South Building at Brightleaf Square.)  Parking is free in the lot opposite.  This is a DMTA (Durham Music teachers Association) event to raise money for scholarships for students who otherwise could not afford music lessons.  Each student contributes $5 towards the fun when they play.  We hope to attract donations from the public as well.  Maus Pianos donate two good pianos for us to use, one acoustic, one digital.  I would really like all my students who can come to play one or two pieces.  This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues and hear them play as well as yourselves. You can play pieces from last semester or a combination of 2022 and 2023 pieces.  It is a fun relaxed event. I will be pestering you in lessons!

My students

Interesting facts about Flourishing Muse Studio:  I have 29 students on 4 days: 5 adults; 9 students between 12-15 years; 8 students between 9-11 years; and 7 students between 5-8 years including 5 x 5 year olds.

Spring Soirée 2023

Save the date:  May 12 at ERUUF between 5:30 – 6:30.  Be considering what you are going to play.

Summer camps

Several of my students have attended the UNCG Music Summer camps in Greensboro NC and have loved it and come back with increased skills.  There are camps for piano and other instruments.  Website:  https://vpa.uncg.edu/music/smcamp/. The applications start 2/13/23 and you need to get in there before the camps fill.  I really like to way these camps are run and the professors who participate. Piano camp is for grades 6-12 who have learned piano for at least 2 years.

RCM program

The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto conducts music assessments in the USA according to its syllabi for piano and other instruments.  My past students have successfully passed these exams from preliminary to level 6.  The exams involve playing pieces but also sight reading and technical work.  Website: https://www.rcmusic.com/learning/examinations


I have several students working on their own compositions and I really want to encourage more to work on this.  Am investigating competitions where they could enter their compositions.

Oscar’s story

This is pretty much what I hope to achieve in teaching piano:  Oscar arrived at a lesson and said he had taught himself a Christmas song and did I want to hear it?  Of course.  It was very well played.  I teach students to read music so they can go away and teach themselves pieces they like and that I might not have time to teach in lessons. Very well done Oscar.

Interesting article about the piano

I am not advocating that everyone should go out and buy a grand piano (I can’t myself – cost and room) BUT this article is a fascinating look at how pianos work.  Would love my older students to read this.


And if you really want to know more about that middle pedal click on the link!

Stay well.  I now have an air purifier in the studio to keep us all a bit safer.