This is the first in person Soirée I have held since December 2, 2019.  The three years of the pandemic have taken a toll on everyone.  Sadly it lead to my no longer teaching voice, guitar or ukulele. However, it is wonderful to be able to have another student piano recital which I like to call Soirées because they are more relaxed than more formal recitals – making mistakes and starting again are definitely allowed!

This is the first time I have held a Soirée at this venue, the Sanctuary at the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and I thank them for allowing use of the space, and also thanks to Bobby Hartman and sons who attend fellowship there and are helping me today.

Th Forest by LakotaThe illustration on the front of the program is a painting by my eldest granddaughter, Lakota Delaney, age 14.  She lives in Fremantle Australia, and I commissioned her to do a painting that expressed the things I love best: the forest, the Eno River, hiking and playing my piano.  Thanks Lakota, it is perfect!

Thank you to all my students and families for choosing to learn piano with me.  There are a few students who are not playing to day for various reasons, Pascale, Logan, and Lydia so would like to remember them today even though they are not here.  I also have 4-5 adult students who are here to support us all but who will have their own evening at my house with adult beverages!  Thanks for coming.

Welcome to all the new students and their families who have come to lessons since 2019. It is so important to share your music with others; practicing piano can be a bit lonely. I hope everyone has fun listening to their peers playing.

The Soirée will be from 5-6:15 pm at the ERUUF Sanctuary.  Students are encouraged to be there no later than 4:45 if possible (you can come at 4:30 onwards to have a check in on the piano).  I know there are a few who have to come later and who cannot stay the whole time but it is only an hour and 15 minutes long and I really hope everyone can stay to hear all the students.  This is all about sharing your music with friends and families and your fellow students.  I love having all the families meet each other and I have so many new students who have not attended a Soirée before.
In the sanctuary there is no food or drink allowed except a water bottle.  It is such a lovely space and I want to be a great tenant.  I am going to give each student who wants one a Christmas candy cane but please save it till you get outside.  The weather looks cold but fine!
The ERUUF website has great directions and a campus map.  Please consult these because it is a big campus and the parking is spread out.  There are signs to the Sanctuary.  The turn in off Garret road is marked but it will be darkish so be watchful.

See you all there on Friday!