Yesterday all my students started arriving and I am so happy to see them all. ❤️

I want to welcome two new students, Louis age 6 and Marley age 7.  I hope you both love learning piano.  I started learning piano in Australia age 5.  My mother played the piano and sang, and I used to sit on the piano stool and watch and listen.  I have been playing the piano for 73 years and teaching music in various forms for much of that time!  Being able to play piano is a wonderful skill and if you stick with it when young it does not leave you, even if you don’t touch a piano for years.

My studio is now full (30 students and I cannot take any more!) I have 9 students between the ages of 6 and 9; 8 students between the ages of 10 and 12;  8 teenagers;  and 5 adults.  My schedule is now set at last (I hope) and you can see it on my website under “Schedule” (

First thing I am working on is what music everyone is playing.  I am really keen for most older students (and some younger!) to partly work on the RCM curriculum.  The Royal Conservatory of Music based in Toronto has an excellent curriculum and their repertoire books have exciting newly composed pieces, often by women and including living composers, plus Jazz influenced pieces. I am not limiting repertoire to those books but they are a great starting point for older students.  In fact, I am a product of a related agency, The Australian Music Examinations Board whose exams I completed over my high school and college years.  It was modeled on Trinity College of Music, London (established 1872), just like the RCM.


Next I am working on what students will play at the Holiday Soirée December 8 at 56:30 pm (make sure the date is in your diaries please!).  I will be making suggestions but of course students have a say in this.  Very excited about this year’s Soirée!

Please remember that I am going to be away 10/2/23 to 10/12/23 while my daughter is visiting from Australia.

Stay Cool! 🔥

Thank you always for learning music with me at Flourishing Muse Studio.