The long summer has almost passed away and Fall is upon us.  I have made some changes!

I have decided that with the endless summer and my long vacation that I really need to get started with the fall semester on Monday 8/25/14.  I invite everyone to start lessons on this Monday.  Please let me know if you are still on vacation then.  I think most schools in my area start either 8/20 or 8/25.  Can everyone please check the Fall schedule link and let me know if anything is wrong, impossible, now not relevant, or if changes are necessary.

Labor Day

This is Monday 9/1/14 – if you are going to be away that long weekend, and not coming to lessons on the Monday please let me know.

Fall Semester

The Fall semester will  be from 8/25/14 to 12/19/14.  I realize not everyone will be able to come that last week but some students want to and I am happy to accommodate so the break is not so long.  I do want the school students to finish the year – the semester does not end with the Soiree and in fact I really want to see students after the soiree for feedback and congratulations.

Fall Soiree

Still working on the date but it will either be Sunday 11/30 or 12/7 and I do know that some people cannot come one or other of those dates but I have to fit in with Croasdaile, my lovely venue.  More about the soiree later.  For new people that is what I call my student recital.  You don’t have to perform but you are very welcome and indeed encouraged to do so!  I am going to be talking LOTS about original compositions, as week as holiday music.

Did you practice some this holiday?  If you did – great!  If not, never fear – we will get into the routine.  In fact routine is the answer. If you can schedule even a small amount of time each day that is better than 2 hours before you come to your lesson.  We all have extremely busy lives and if you don’t plan practice time, it often won’t happen.  Best way is to leave your piano open with your music sitting on it, or your guitar or ukulele on a stand with the music on your music stand all ready for you to sit down.

My French vacation

Very excited now as I leave tomorrow.  I will have email while I am away, but will only have texting on my phone 919-599-9372

Thank you everyone always for learning with Flourishing Muse!