The Soiree (my name for a student recital) for Fall 2013 will take place on Sunday December 8 at 3 pm in the Croasdaile Auditorium, at Croasdaile Village.  The clearest directions are on their website.  Once you get to the main entrance, register at the desk and ask the way to the Auditorium.

website for directions:

The guitars will play in the first half, and then will come the recorder, piano and voice students.  This is the tentative program without all the detail I will put in later like full names and composers.  Please check carefully.  I have been known to leave a name off or put in the wrong item.  If you want to change your mind about playing or not, or about what you want to play or sing, please let me know.  Eleven of my students are not performing either because they have prior commitments or because they are beginners or because they feel they are too shy to perform. I understand only too well about shyness and nervousness!

I would like to reiterate why I provide these twice yearly opportunities for students to perform.  Learning an instrument is a solitary activity and very often you have no idea what the other students are playing.  It is great to see peers play and sing and often it is a pleasant surprise how much progress they have made.  I like to think about sharing your music with your family (who are so proud) and with the community at Croasdaile, who so kindly allow us to use their beautiful facility.  The community members love to listen to young people play and sing.  Lastly, without the goal of the soiree, would you work so hard to get one piece perfected?  Perhaps not!  Please consider coming to the whole concert to support all the students and enjoy their performances.

Here is the proposed first half which will be fairly short:

Soiree first half: Guitar and voice

Girls Rock:

Lee, Sophie, Alex, Emma, Jolan:  “Everybody” Ingrid Michaelson

Lee Jeffries: “Trouble” Taylor Swift

Sophie Feierman: “The Aeroplane in the Sky” Neutral Milk

Alex Hartman and Emma Trefzger: “Best Day” Taylor Swift

Jolan Motyka: “Our Song” Taylor Swift

Singer songwriter

Sophie: Lunarfinch

Boys Rock:

Will Gavillan, Leo Seabolt, Eddy Hurley: “Ode to Joy” Beethoven (3 parts)

Leo Seabolt: “Minuet in G”  Bach

Eddy Hurley: “Moscow Nights” Traditional

Corbin Craig: “Yesterday” Beatles

“Smoke on the Water” Riff – all the boys

There will be a short intermission and then the second half:

Soiree Program second half

Piano, recorder and voice:

Subi Tallmadge: “Jingle Bells” (soprano recorder)

Ken Putnam: “Clouds” (piano)

Henry: “Ode to joy” (piano)

Carina Feierman: “Forest Drums” (piano)

Rutendo Mukelabai: “Firefly” (piano)

Jovany Alton-Kelley: “Floating Ghosts” (piano)

Andrew Hartman: “Shepherd’s song” (piano)

Lia Pachino: “A Mixed up Song” (piano)

Jake Smedley: “Heart and Soul Mash Up”, “Thunderstorm” (own composition)

Chloe Daniel: “Scoobie” , “Child of light 2” (piano)

Zack Dreps: “Spanish Caballeros” (piano)

Eli Werner: “James Bond” (piano)

Emerson Kirby: “Andante in G”,  “Struttin’” (piano)

Zoe Tallmadge: “Pachelbel’s Canon” (piano)

Janelle Correia: “Rondo Alla Turca” – Mozart (piano)

Myles Spencer: Schubert impromptu op. 90in Ab Major (piano)

Ruvarashe Mukelabai: “Echoes of November”, “Wicked Games” by The Weeknd (own arrangement) (piano)

Elijah: Chopin Waltz op. 69 no. 2 in B Minor,  “Stars” from Night Pieces by Skulthorpe

Ashley Cummings: “Mary did you know?” (own arrangement), “A river flows in you” Yiruma (piano)

Ashley Cummings and Lorna Collingridge: “Dawn” and “Georgiana” from Pride and Prejudice Film Score, Dario Marianelli (piano)

Richard: “Di Provenza” from La Traviata by Verdi (voice)

Michelle:  “Les chemins de l’amour” – Poulenc (voice)

Richard/Steve: “Tenor and Baritone” (Humorous Duet) Black & Wilson (voice)

Michelle/Richard: “Silver Bells” Livingstone & Evans (voice)

Now a few other matters:

There will not be any lessons between December 9 and January 6.  Lessons start again January 7.  Most people’s fees are paid to the end of the Fall semester, thank you so much.  A few people have one more lesson to pay in December and if you could make sure to pay that before the end of the semester (Friday December 6) I would greatly appreciate it.  You can see the schedule of fees in the emails I send to students each week but if you want an invoice just let me know. I am planning to do my tax early so I would love to close off my spreadsheet (my accountant would thank you also!).

My youngest daughter’s first baby is due February 11 in London.  My plan right now is to go to London over the Easter break, from April 9-24.  Just an early heads up.  This will make 3 grandchildren!  Spring semester will probably end June 6.

Thank you everyone for being so respectful of my home when you come with your students.  I love that my parents can sit in the lounge and enjoy a quiet read or even a snooze, and I am sorry my cat, Lexi, thinks that you are there to provide a lap for her.  Just ask her to get down if you don’t like it.  She is a very sweet cat and very gentle.  Can I remind you about not parking in my driveway?  I know my neighbors have too many cars.  My partner Carol has usually not been here when students are taking lessons but she is making a documentary right now and is up to the editing stage.  She does that in her upstairs office so her car is going to be coming and going during the day.  The documentary is about Liberty Warehouse in downtown Durham.

Flourishing Muse Studio is very full right now and there are a number of students on my waiting list on the chance that there will be a spare time in the after school hours. If you are not continuing or if you need a change of times once school starts please let me know as soon as you can.  I already have a list of people looking for changes.  The times between 3:30 and 7 Monday to Thursday and 3:30 to 6 Friday are the difficult times.  During the day for adults and home schoolers is not so problematic.

Thank you always for choosing to learn music with me!