The Fall semester 2021comes to an end this week.  It has been a great semester if short but students have done some really wonderful work.

Last Thursday evening Anna Long and I went to the Celebration of Lights at the nearby Greystone Church. We played Christmas songs and carols outdoors – lucky it was such a lovely mild evening.  What a great event that church puts on!  So many lights, so many programs like the hayride which went rather fast through the large campus!  Thanks to colleague Jan Perry for inviting us.

On Friday evening 4 students and I went to the Yates Baptist Church for a really fun evening with my colleague Nyssa Collings and six of her students.  The church is very lovely and has a very nice Yamaha grand piano – all the students played so well, and most played 2 items. Thank you so much to the parents who brought their students.  Thank you so much to Nyssa for facilitating the fun evening with games and cookies!

  • Louise played Cruella de Ville and Yellow Bird
  • Pascale played Tuxedo Junction and Dill Pickle Stomp
  • Cecilia played Horse Drawn Carriage and sorry Cecilia if you played another one I can’t remember!
  • Andrew played two pieces from memory, Amazing Grace and Minuet in G by Bach

Nyssa’s students also played really well:

  • Sarah played Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Prelude in G
  • Owen played Malagueña
  • William played Remember Me
  • Belle played Lean on Me 
  • Malachi played Bicycle Ride and Jump Rope
  • Neev played Firefly and Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Students gave their colleagues positive feedback and now everyone wants to learn Cruella and the very nice arrangement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik so I have to go and find that particular book!

Many of my students have learned some Christmas songs so I hope they play them for the family at Christmas.

Last lessons will be on Thursday 12/9/ and then lessons start again 1/3/22.

Next week I will be working on the 2022 schedule and I have already had requests for moves so as soon as you know whether you are continuing in 2022 and approximately what days and times you are hoping for if they are different to this semester please let me know.  I will put up a tentative Spring schedule next week.

I think Nyssa and I are going to plan a joint soiree after easter in the Spring, maybe late April early May, when the virus will hopefully have died down.

Have a safe and happy holiday season 

With Love from Lorna